Will Injector Cleaner Fix a Misfire?

If your vehicle is misfiring and you suspect that a clogged fuel injectors might be the cause, and you ask yourself will injector cleaner fix the misfire? A clogged fuel injector will most definitely cause a misfire, but will you be able to clean it with a injector cleaner and make the misfire go away?

Will Injector Cleaner Fix a Misfire

Will injector cleaner fix a misfire? If your engine misfires due to unbalanced air to fuel ratio because of clogged fuel injectors, then yes, injector cleaner could clean the clogged fuel injectors and restore the air to fuel ratio.


Will Injector Cleaner Fix a Misfire?

Clogged fuel injectors will result in poor engine performance as well as a misfire. When the injectors get clogged, the air to fuel ratio becomes unbalanced. Meaning, there is more air than fuel in the combustion chamber and causes the engine to misfire. If your vehicle misfires, has a loss in power and acceleration, or increased fuel consumption, you need to clean your fuel injectors. Here is how to clean your fuel injectors and fix a misfire:

1. Get your tank to nearly empty

Your gas tank needs to be nearly empty before you add the fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank. So, plan you fuel and make sure you are at the gas station right before your fuel reserve light comes on.

2. Add the fuel injector cleaner

Once your gas tank is nearly empty, go to the gas station and add the fuel injector cleaner. The fuel injector cleaner that I use costs around $30 and you can get it on amazon.com. I use one full can for a full gas tank. The manufacturer of the fuel injector cleaner recommends that you do this each time you change your engine oil.

Is your engine oil due for a change? Visit our Car Fluid Guide Website to learn the importance of changing your oil on time, which type of engine oil is best for your vehicle, and much more.

3. Fill up your fuel tank

Once you add the fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank, fill the gas tank to the top. The fuel injector cleaner will be mixed with the fuel and will go into the fuel system and then into the engine along with the fuel.

4. Spend all of the fuel

You will have to spend the full fuel tank in the next couple of days. Make sure to go out on a highway or somewhere where you can drive at least 60 miles per hour. I like to drive 60 miles per hour constantly for an hour or two. It helps the fuel injector cleaner to do it’s job more efficiently.

5. Clean fuel injectors and no more misfire

At this point, you should have clean fuel injectors and no more misfire. Also, the fuel injector cleaner will clean all the carbon build-up on the cylinders and will increase the overall engine performance.

How Fuel Injectors Work

How Fuel Injectors Work

In order for an engine to function efficiently, it needs a perfect mix of air and fuel. Fuel injectors are in charge of delivering this mixture to the cylinder where an explosion happens that produces power. The ideal fuel to air ratio is 14.7 to 1. That means for every unit of fuel, 14.7 units of air is needed to achieve the perfect combustion. This ratio is referred to as a perfectly balanced stoichiometric air to fuel ratio.

Before the fuel injectors were invented, cars used to have carburetors. But the fuel injectors offer more benefits like easier cold starts, better fuel efficiency, and more consistent transient throttle response. The fuel injectors also make sure that an equivalent amount of fuel is distributed consistently across all cylinders. This prevents inconsistent fuel distribution and therefore inconsistent power delivery.

The fuel injection is fed by the fuel rail which is located on top of the cylinder bay. Thanks to the pressure from the fuel pump, the fuel gets forced into the injector from the fuel rail and goes through a small filter inside the injector. Once the gas is inside the injector, it hangs out as a reserve and waits for the right moment to spray.

Then, when the moment comes, an electromagnetic coil pulls the plunger up and opens the pintle injector and fuel is sprayed out of the nozzle. The sprays are very fast and can occur multiple times each second, and every spray releases the exact amount of fuel. The timing is controlled by the ECU and it works together with the spark plugs that ignite the air and fuel mixture.

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