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Over 20 years of experience working in automotive repair and maintenance, currently working as a Senior mechanic editor at

• Expert knowledge of manual and automatic transmissions, brake system repairs, engine diagnostics, and all related equipment

• Proven ability to troubleshoot mechanical issues accurately and quickly

• Quality control expert with exceptional attention to detail

• Professional attitude with excellent customer service and communication skills

• ASE certified


Senior Mechanic, ABC Auto Repair, Carlstadt, NJ – 2012-Present

• Diagnose, service, and repair all types of vehicles in a timely manner

• Perform oil changes, brakes, suspensions, and alignment services

• Test and document results to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles

• Train new mechanics on proper procedures and techniques

Lead Mechanic, XYZ Automotive Services – 2002-2012

• Responsible for leading teams of 3-5 mechanics on a daily basis

• Oversaw schedule to ensure efficient completion of repairs

• Developed preventive maintenance programs for customers

• Developed training program for newly hired personnel

• Maintained records pertaining to repairs, parts, and supplies


ABC Technical College – Anytown, USA • Associate Degree in Automotive Technology – 2002


• ASE Certified Master Mechanic – 2002-Present

• State of Anytown’s Driver’s License – Current

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