Top 10 Ways To Clean Your Windshield

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Car windows get dirty all the time, especially the windshield. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to this problem. So, instead of washing your car at the car wash every day just because your windshield and windows are dirty, here are 10 ways you can follow and clean them at home. Top 10 Ways To Clean Your Windshield: With Wax With … Read More

Top 8 Ways To Clean Foggy Headlights

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Top 8 Ways To Clean Foggy Headlights

Are your car headlights yellow, foggy and oxidized so much that it doesn’t make a difference whether they are turned on or off? It is time to clean them. I will show you 8 ways to do it. Top 8 Ways To Clean Foggy Headlights:  With a toothpaste With Sandpaper UV Coat Vinegar Baking Soda WD40 Coca-Cola Dish Soap It … Read More

How Do You Do A Coolant Flush? – Complete Guide

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Have you ever wanted to flush your cooling system, but didn’t know how to do it? I do it every year, and I can show you how. Locate the radiator, access the drain spout and then loosen it. Drain out the coolant in a bucket. Fill your cooling system with distilled water. Start your car and check the system pressure. Turn … Read More

Why Are My Brakes Making Noise?

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Do you hate when you hear that squeaking sound everytime you press your brakes? Even on a brand new disc, you may still hear that sound. So, why are your brakes making noise? The reasons why your brakes are making noises is because your brakes are worn out, contaminated with dirt and rust, not lubricated properly or your dust shield … Read More

What Drains A Car Battery While It Is Off?

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Have you ever had issues with your car battery? It’s very frustrating when your car doesn’t start and you have places to be. So you ask yourself, what drains a car battery while it is off? Most common reasons why your battery drains is because you left your headlights overnight, clock, radio, and security alarm that runs after your car … Read More

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Alternator?

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All of us had problems with the car alternator at least once in a life. An alternator has a lifespan of 5-7 years or 80,000 miles. I cannot say for sure how long will your alternator lasts because it depends on various elements like, how much you drive your car, the temperature outside, do you have a garage, etc. Symptoms … Read More

Can You Wax Your Car Too Much?

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Have you ever wondered if there is a limit of times you can wax your car without damaging the paint? Waxing too much will eventually cause build up and clouding. If you are using a paste wax on your brand new car, it will damage the factory clearcoat. However, synthetic car wax will not hurt the paint or clearcoat, only … Read More

How To Clean Your Car Windows With Vinegar and Newspaper

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Have you ever tried cleaning your car windows with nothing more but vinegar and newspaper? Sometimes simple stuff brings more results. Here is how to do it: Dilute vinegar with water to ratio 1:5 and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray your windows with the mixture and wipe them with a newspaper. Choose a newspaper that is black and … Read More

Can You Clean Your Car Engine With WD40

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You probably heard that some people use WD40 to clean their car engine and you wonder if WD40 will do damage to your car engine. Wonder no more. You can clean your car engine with WD40 without damaging it. Cleaning your car engine will WD40 will protect the metal parts from rust. However, WD40 is an oil and it will attract … Read More

How To Clean Your Car Seats With Soap And Water

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I always wondered if I could clean my car seats with soap and water. I mean, it’s a pretty cheap solution, if it’s possible of course. So I tried it and: Yes, you can clean your cloth, vinyl, and leather car seats with soap and water without damaging them. If you have stains on your car seats you can add some … Read More