How To Clean Your Car Windows With Vinegar and Newspaper

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Have you ever tried cleaning your car windows with nothing more but vinegar and newspaper? Sometimes simple stuff brings more results. Here is how to do it: Dilute vinegar with water to ratio 1:5 and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray your windows with the mixture and wipe them with a newspaper. Choose a newspaper that is black and … Read More

Can You Clean Your Car Engine With WD40

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You probably heard that some people use WD40 to clean their car engine and you wonder if WD40 will do damage to your car engine. Wonder no more. You can clean your car engine with WD40 without damaging it. Cleaning your car engine will WD40 will protect the metal parts from rust. However, WD40 is an oil and it will attract … Read More

How To Clean Your Car Seats With Soap And Water

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I always wondered if I could clean my car seats with soap and water. I mean, it’s a pretty cheap solution, if it’s possible of course. So I tried it and: Yes, you can clean your cloth, vinyl, and leather car seats with soap and water without damaging them. If you have stains on your car seats you can add some … Read More

How To Clean A Fuel Tank Without Removing It

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You are probably thinking how to avoid the trouble of removing your fuel tank and clean it while it’s mounted on your car. Is it possible tho? First, you need to disconnect the fuel lines. Drain the fuel tank completely. Then, use a pressure washer to wash out the debris and rust. Apply a cleaning solution and leave it for … Read More

Is It Safe To Wash A Car With A Pressure Washer?

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So you are probably thinking of washing your car at home instead of the car wash, but you just don’t know is it safe to wash your car with a pressure washer. Thank you for actually going online and doing a research before using a pressure washer. I have some important information for you. There are many ways you can … Read More