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I am a car detailer and a car enthusiast with 7 years of experience. I focus on fixing interior and exterior cosmetic problems. My day begins with car detailing and it ends with car detailing. I will be sharing everything that I know about detailing here on this website.


Auto Detailer, ABC Auto Detailing Westminister, London 2015 – Present

• Clean and polish vehicles according to client specifications using a variety of tools and products

• Restore paint jobs on cars using clay bar treatments or compounds to remove oxidation and defects

• Operate steam cleaner and vacuum to clean interior surfaces including carpets, upholstery, and mats

• Wash exterior vehicle surfaces including windows, wheels, and grills with special detergents or polishes as needed

• Inspect vehicles for any signs of damage prior to the detailing process in order to avoid additional costs for repairs due to poor handling

• Assist other team members in completing difficult detailing tasks

Summary of Qualifications

• Enthusiastic auto detailer with 7+ years of experience in the industry

• Proven record of delivering immaculate results with attention to detail and a commitment to customer service excellence

• Proficient in using advanced detailing techniques such as clay bar treatment, compound polishing, and paint restoration

• Skilled at cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces of vehicles using the latest technology including steam cleaners, vacuums, buffers, and polishers

• Work well independently or as part of a team dedicated to providing top-quality services

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