How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Going Off

In this article, I will show you how to disconnect a car alarm that keeps going off. This method will work for both factory and aftermarket car alarm systems. Please follow my steps in order and do not skip a step.

How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Going Off


1. Remove the car alarm fuse

Before you start disconnecting the car alarm that keeps going off, locate the fuse box and disconnect the alarm fuse. The fuse box is located in the cabin but could be both under the glove box or under the steering wheelOpens in a new tab.

PRO TIP: Start your car and the alarm will shut off leaving you time to read the owner’s manual and locate the alarm fuse. This will work on both factory and aftermarket alarm systemsOpens in a new tab.

2. Remove the sub dash panel

Once you pull out the alarm fuse, the alarm will shut off. Now, you can shut down the car and work on disconnecting the faulty alarmOpens in a new tab.

The sub dash panel is hold by four bolts that you have to unscrew in order to gain access to the main module and disconnect it.

3. Locate the main module

The main module is the brain of the alarm. The main module of the car alarm looks like an internet modem about that size. It will be easy to locate the main module because there is no other part like it. It is mostly wiring there.

4. Disconnect the main module

You are not going to cause any electrical issue if you just start unplugging all the wires that go into the alarm main module because car alarms are separated and isolated from the factory wiring. So, removing all the wires that go into the alarm, will cause no interference with the vehicle operations.

Go ahead and remove all the wires that go into the alarm main module. The wires going to the main module are for a radar sensor or a motion sensor, a door lock plug, antennaOpens in a new tab.

5. Optional: Install a new alarm system

Once you’ve disconnected all the wiring that goes into the main module and you have removed the main module, you can now either install a new alarm system or simply close the sub dash panel and go on your way.

If you choose to install a new alarm, just plug all the wires that you previously removed from the faulty alarm main module and close the panel.

If you choose not to install a new panel, your doors will lock, but you won’t have an alarm anymore. I strongly recommend that you either repair the old alarm or install a new one. There is a reason why carOpens in a new tab.

6. Install the sub dash panel and fuse

Re-install the sub dash panel. You should only install alarm fuse after you have a working car alarm in place. If you don’t have a car alarm, there is no need to install back the alarm fuse.

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