How To Clean Chrome Rims With Oven Cleaner

Chrome rims are supposed to be shiny all the time. But, each time you hit the brakes, the brake dust gets on the rims and makes them dirty. Then, there is the rain, mud, and dirt from the road. Not to mention the stains from all kinds of oil leaks. Chrome rimsOpens in a new tab. don’t rust, but rocks and other debris can damage the chrome layer and leave an exposed metal that will rust over time. All of this adds up and you are left with very dirty chrome rims.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your chrome rims detailed. You can clean them at home using nothing more than an oven cleaner and a brush. Here is how to clean chrome rims with oven cleaner.


How To Clean Chrome Rims With Oven Cleaner

How To Clean Chrome Rims With Oven Cleaner

1. Gather the cleaning supplies

Before you start cleaning your chrome rims with oven cleaner, you will need to have all the cleaning supplies as well as the protective gear on hand. You will need one can of oven cleaner, a brush, gloves, and eye protection. The oven cleaner is made of chemicals that can cause skin burn when in contact with your skin, or worse if it gets in your eyes. It is important to gloves and eye protection when you clean with oven cleaner.

2. Clean the chrome rims with water

Before you start scrubbing your chrome rims with a brush, you will need to remove all the debris, dirt, and small rocks that could be stuck on your rim. Grab a water hose or a power washer and clean your chrome rims. Make sure there is no debris left on the rims because once you start scrubbing with the brush, you will damage the rims.

3. Spray the chrome rims with oven cleaner

Spray all of the chrome rims with oven cleaner and leave it for 10 minutes. The oven cleaner will do its magic and remove the stains, oils, brake dust, rust, and other dirt off of the rims. Make sure that you are wearing your gloves and eye protection. Keep your distance while spraying because you don’t want to breathe in the oven cleaner.

4. Scrub your chrome rims with a brush

Scrub all of your chrome rims with a brush. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a toilet brush. I know it’s a little bit hard and boring to clean the rims while squatting, but you have to make sure to scrub all the parts. The rust and stains need a little bit of time to get off.

5. Wash your rims with water

Once you finish scrubbing all the chrome rims, get a water hose or a power washer and spray the rims with water. Make sure to remove all the oven cleaner. If you missed a spot, you can always spray more oven cleaner and re-do the cleaning process. At this point, you should have stain-free, debris-free, rust-free chrome rims. P.S I know that chrome rims don’t stain, but debris can chip the chrome off the rims and leave exposed metal that will rust over time.

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