Top 9 Cars That Depreciate The Least

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If you are looking to buy a car, truck or an SUV but you don’t want to lose 50 percent of the value of the vehicle in the first 3 years, then you will definitely┬áneed to see this list. I made a research and came up with a list of 9 vehicles that depreciate the least. Before we get into … Read More

Car Depreciation: Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know

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After spending exactly 3 full days studying car depreciation on different models with a different price range from all around the world, I am ready to show you some numbers. To write this article, I analyzed over 300 different car purchases and their depreciation over time. What are my resources? Well, I went and checked the prices of the vehicles … Read More

What Should You Check When Buying A Used Car

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So, you decided it’s time to buy a used car, but you are not sure how to inspect the car and see if there are major issues with the vehicle. No worries. Here is what you should check when buying a used car: Engine: The most important part of the car. Get beneath the vehicle and check for any oil … Read More