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Top 10 Ways To Clean Your Windshield




Driving with a clear, clean windshield is not just about maintaining the aesthetics of your vehicle, but it’s also a critical safety measure.

Over time, dust, grime, and other elements can accumulate on your windshield, impairing visibility and potentially compromising your safety on the road.

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 ways to clean your windshield effectively.

These methods will range from simple DIY solutions to professional cleaning techniques, catering to everyone’s needs and preferences.

Let’s get started on ensuring you have a crystal-clear view on all your journeys!

This article contains:

    Top 10 Ways To Clean Your Windshield

    • With Detailing Clay
    • With Vinegar
    • With Cleaning Agent
    • With Newspaper
    • With Pressure Washer
    • With Bleach
    • With Windex
    • With Rubbing Alcohol
    • With Dish Soap
    • BONUS: Cleaning Hack For The Inside Of Your Windshield

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Wax

    I’m going to show you something neat that I learned, and that I do to detail my car windows and windshield.

    The windshield gets dirty from the dust, rain, bugs, etc. I prefer doing this method because it’s just easy to do and has great results.

    Besides the clean look, your windshield will actually repel water/rain so much, that you won’t need to use your windshield wipers.

    Required items

    • Carnauba Wax (CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax | Advanced Car Wax | Long Lasting and Easy To Use | Safe on All Surfaces | 18 Oz Kit)
    • Towel
    • Water
    • Ammonia-based glass cleaner (No products found.)

    Get Started:

    1. Spray the windshield with an ammonia-based windshield cleaner glass cleaner.
    2. Wipe it with a towel.
    3. Make sure you remove all the bugs and dirt from the windshield. This step is super important because depending on how clean you make it right now, is going to make the windshield turn out either really nice or not very nice at all. Before you put your wax on, you want to get this windshield spotless.
    4. Make sure you hose off the ammonia-based cleaner. You don’t want any of that ammonia on there.
    5. Dry your windshield with a microfiber cloth.
    6. Apply the wax onto the windshield. It should go without saying, you always apply wax in a circular motion.
    7. Let the was dry off.
    8. Once it’s dry, take it off with another microfiber towel.
    9. Take a microfiber cloth and polish it up just like if you’re going to polish the body of your car.
    10. Perform a test. Spray your windshield with water and see the results.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Detailing Clay

    Another great and easy way to clean your windows/windshield. The detailing clay will clean your windshield and remove grime.

    Required items

    • 3-3.5 Ounce Detailing Clay (Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay 2 - 4oz Clay Bars)
    • Microfiber Towel
    • Water

    Get Started:

    1. Start by applying water(lubricant) on your windows/windshield. This will help the clay to glide easily across the surface.
    2. Grab your clay lengthwise and start gliding. Start with up-down motions. Once you cover all the windshields with vertical motions, start with circular motions.
    3. If you come across grime, make sure to clean it well.
    4. Wipe your windshield/windows with a microfiber towel. This step will remove any excess clay.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Vinegar

    Vinegar is a product that can be used for a lot of things. It is not toxic and anti-bacterial. It can clean any surface without causing damage. And it’s cheaper than all the cleaning agents.

    Required items

    • 2 Cups of Distilled Water
    • 1/4 Cup White Vinegar
    • 1/2 Tbsp Dishwashing Detergent
    • Sponge
    • Microfiber Towel (Simple Houseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (12' x 16') - 50 Pack)


    1. Heat up the water almost to a boiling point.
    2. Mix the water with the white vinegar.
    3. Add the dishwashing detergent.
    4. Add the mixture to a spray bottle.

    Get Started:

    1. You can either start with water or with the mixture. If your windshield and windows are very dirty, you can first apply regular water and clean it up a little bit. Or, you can start with the mixture itself and soak your windows/windshield well.
    2. Grab your sponge and wipe the windshield. Make sure to remove all dirt and bugs.
    3. With a clean microfiber towel wipe your windshield.
    4. If you didn’t get the wanted results the first time, repeat the process.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Cleaning Agent

    If you don’t have free time or homemade ingredients, you can always buy a cheap cleaning agent online. Also, make sure you read the instructions before using your cleaning agent.

    Some of them need to be diluted with water.

    Required items

    • Car Glass Cleaner (Shine Society vIS Glass and Window Cleaner, 100% All Natural Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner for Tinted or Non Tinted Automotive Glass (18 oz.))
    • Bucket With Distilled Water
    • Microfiber Towel
    • Sponge

    Great For:

    • Cleaning hard water spots
    • Bugs
    • Dirt

    Get Started:

    1. If you are using a concentrated cleaner, mix it with water as per the instructions on the bottle.
    2. Spray your windows/windshield with the glass cleaner and let it sit for 1 minute.
    3. If your windshield/windows are very dirty, you can first start wiping with a sponge.
    4. Repeat the process until you get the wanted results.
    5. After you are done with step 4, grab your clean microfiber towel and wipe your windows/windshield.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Newspaper

    This method is very old. I first saw my grandmother cleaning her home windows with newspaper. At first, I thought she don’t have money for a microfiber towel.

    So, I went to the store and I bought her a pack of 3 microfiber towels. She laughed when she saw me. Then we did a small towel Vs newspaper match, and the results were the same. Works fine with any glass.

    Required items

    • Newspaper
    • Window Cleaner, or some vinegar

    Get Started:

    1. For this method, you can either use a cleaning agent or some of the above homemade cleaning solutions.
    2. Apply the cleaner to your windows/windshield.
    3. Rub the surface with a newspaper. It is very important that you choose a newspaper that has very little to no photos in it. You will be amazed at how clean your windows/windshield will be.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With a Pressure Washer

    Required items

    • Pressure Washer (No products found.)
    • Soap
    • Microfiber Towel

    Get Started:

    1. Make sure your windows are closed. You should do this step with all the previous methods, but you want to double-check before turning on your pressure washer.
    2. Spray your windows with the pressure washer. Keep a distance of at least 2 feet.
    3. Spray your windows with soap. You can either do this manually or via a pressure washer.
    4. Rinse your windows/windshield with the pressure washer. If you keep your aim at a 15-20 degree angle you will have the best results.
    5. If you didn’t get the wanted results at first, repeat this process.
    6. Grab your microfiber towel and dry your windows/windshield.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Bleach

    I wouldn’t personally recommend this method, but it is doable. Bleach is a strong chemical and does a great job when it comes to cleaning. Make sure you use rubber gloves and eyeglasses.

    Required items

    • 1 tbsp Bleach
    • 2 tbsp Dish Soap
    • 1 Bucket Water
    • Microfiber Towel
    • Sponge


    1. Warm up your water. No need to get it to boiling point.
    2. Add your dish soap and mix the water.
    3. Add the bleach. Be careful when mixing. You don’t want to get bleach in your eyes.

    Get Started:

    1. Again, make sure you have rubber gloves and eye protection on. You can either have the mixture in a bucket or a spray bottle.
    2. Soak your windows/windshield with the solution and leave it to sit for 5 minutes.
    3. Grab your sponge and start cleaning your windshield. Make sure to clean all the dirt. Repeat this process as many times as you need.
    4. After completing step 3, grab your microfiber towel and dry your windows/windshield.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Windex

    Windex products are used for cleaning home windows but can be also used to clean your car windows/windshield.

    Required items

    • Windex (No products found.)
    • Microfiber Towel

    Get Started:

    1. Apply Windex on your windows/windshield and let it sit for 1 minute.
    2. Start wiping with the microfiber towel.
    3. If your windows/windshields are very dirty, you might need to switch to microfiber towels.
    4. If you want, you can also wipe it one more time with a clean microfiber towel.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Rubbing Alcohol

    You can use rubbing alcohol on pretty much any glass surface. I clean my eyeglasses with rubbing alcohol. It’s that safe. So, if you want clean and streak-free windows/windshields, start using rubbing alcohol.

    Required items

    • 70% Rubbing Alcohol (Amazon Basics 70% Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic, Unscented, 16 Fluid Ounces (Previously Solimo))
    • Bucket With Water
    • Microfiber Towel


    Mix 1 part 70 percent Alcohol with 3 parts water.

    Get Started:

    1. Apply the mixture onto your windows/windshield.
    2. If your windshield/windows are dirty, apply more of the solution.
    3. Leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes.
    4. Wipe the glass surface with circular motions.
    5. When done, dry the windows/windshield with a clean microfiber towel.
    6. Make sure to ventilate the car after cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

    How To Clean Your Car Windows With Dish Soap

    The best way to clean your windshield honestly is with dishwashing soap. It’s a natural degreaser, it cuts grease, it works on your dishes, and it’ll definitely work on any kind of oils that are working in your car.

    Required items

    • Spray bottle
    • 2 tbsp Dishwashing soap
    • Water
    • Microfiber towel

    Get Started:

    1. Start up a driver’s side. Take the solution, shake it up just a little bit, and apply it on the windshield. Like I said if you do get on the paint job, wipe it off immediately because it is a degreaser you don’t want to take the wax off of your car.
    2. Start wiping it off.
    3. Switch to the passenger side and repeat the process.

    How To Clean Your Windshield/Windows From The Inside

    Before cleaning the inside of your windshield make sure you clean the outside glass so you can easily see the dirt and streaks that are on the inside. Use one of the methods that I provided.

    With the exterior glass looking nice and clean, we have three main steps to clean the interior:

    1. The first step is to use a clean dry microfiber towel and clean the whole interior glass.
    2. Then you’re going to either want to use alcohol or one of the Mr. Clean erasers or dishwasher soap to degrease and clean the glass. This is what’s going to get that oily film off.
    3. The final step is you’re going to use your favorite glass cleaner and another microfiber towel and wipe down the glass one more time. After that, it’ll be crystal clear.

    While this process works on any glass including the side glass and the rear glass. If you have rear tints, I wouldn’t use this method on rear tints. All you need to do is use some soapy water and a microfiber towel. It’s a lot easier to clean tint.

    Get a clean microfiber towel.

    Get in here and wipe down all of the interior glass.

    A lot of times it’s really hard to get into these tight areas between the dash and the glass especially where the dash and glass meet.

    So one method you could use that really helps is using the backhand method.

    What you do is you face towards the rear of the car and take your hand and face the palm of your hand towards the glass. And you can see it could easily reach in there.

    Wipe the glass off with a clean dry microfiber towel. When cleaning the glass you want to go in circular motions which attacks the dirt at all angles.

    Then, flip the towel over to a side that hasn’t been used yet, and go in an up-and-down motion to finish the first step.

    Also as you clean try not to let the towel touch the dash. Keep it nice and folded and controlled so that you don’t get any of the grease that’s on the dash on your towel, and then you’re just rubbing that grease back onto the glass.

    If you do for some reason get the towel on the dash, that towel is done. Throw it in a wash bucket and grab a new towel and finish whatever step you are on.

    Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

    Step two is an awesome trick that I learned. What you’re going to want to do is you’re going to use one of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

    If you don’t have a magic eraser, you can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. The whole point of this step is to de-grease the windshield.

    I highly suggest trying to use one of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

    All you have to do is you dunk it in warm water, bring it out and that activates it, and then just take it and clean off the glass in circular motions. Make sure that the towel is wet.

    You want to make sure that this has liquid in it and that the glass is getting wet as you’re doing this.

    If you get any drops of liquid on the dashboard, get a paper towel real quickly and wipe the dashboard off because you don’t want the liquid to stain or even damage the dashboard.

    If it sits on there, it is a cleaner and you don’t want to discolor it.

    So, once you finish your circular motions and you’ve cleaned the whole windshield, you want to quickly grab your microfiber towel and dry the windshield off in circular motions.

    You don’t want the liquid from the Magic Eraser to dry onto the glass.

    You want to soak it up with your microfiber towel because in that liquid is going to be all the dirt and grease that you’re just absorbing right now.

    Spray a glass cleaner on a clean towel

    Step three is the last step. So, grab your favorite glass cleaner and spray it on a clean towel.

    Don’t just spray it right onto the glass because what happens when you spray it onto the glass, is you get all drops all over here and you’re just going to get all that cleaner on your dash and the little spots are going to create discoloration.

    So, that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. Instead, get your glass cleaner and a microfiber towel and spray it directly onto the towel.

    Then you take this and again clean in circular motions, making sure you reach all parts of the dashboard.

    Once you do the circular motions, you flip your towel over to the clean side and go straight up and down. That’s how you make the inside of your windshield streak-free and crystal clear.


    Q: Why is it important to clean your windshield regularly?

    A: It is important to clean your windshield regularly to ensure proper visibility while driving. Dirt, debris, and smudges can obstruct your view and impair your ability to react to road conditions.

    Q: How often should I clean my windshield?

    A: It is recommended to clean your windshield at least once a week to maintain clear visibility. However, you may need to clean it more frequently if you frequently drive in dusty or polluted areas.

    Q: What type of cleaning solution should I use on my windshield?

    A: You should use a specialized glass cleaner that is formulated for use on automotive windshields. Avoid using household cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can damage the glass or leave streaks.

    Q: Can I use vinegar to clean my windshield?

    A: While vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, it is not recommended for cleaning windshields. It can leave behind a residue that affects your visibility.

    Q: How do I clean the inside of my windshield?

    A: To clean the inside of your windshield, start by wiping away any loose debris with a soft cloth. Then spray a small amount of glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface in a circular motion until it is clean.

    Q: Are there any tips to prevent streaks when cleaning my windshield?

    A: Yes, to prevent streaks when cleaning your windshield, avoid cleaning it in direct sunlight or when the glass is hot. Additionally, make sure to use a clean and lint-free cloth and wipe in a consistent motion without pressing too hard.

    Q: How do I remove stubborn stains or residue from my windshield?

    A: If you have stubborn stains or residue on your windshield, you can try using a mixture of baking soda and water or rubbing alcohol. Apply the solution to a cloth and gently scrub the affected area until the stains or residue are removed.

    Q: Can I use newspaper to clean my windshield?

    A: Using newspaper to clean your windshield is not recommended. Newspaper ink can leave behind streaks and can also transfer to your hands or car interior.

    Q: Should I clean my windshield wipers too?

    A: Yes, it is important to clean your windshield wipers regularly as they can accumulate dirt and debris which can affect their performance. You can use a damp cloth or a mild soap solution to clean the wiper blades.

    Q: Can I use a pressure washer to clean my windshield?

    A: It is not recommended to use a pressure washer to clean your windshield. The high-pressure water can damage the glass or dislodge the wiper blades. Stick to using a soft cloth and a suitable glass cleaner for effective and safe cleaning.

    In Conclusion

    In conclusion, maintaining a clean windshield is not only crucial for the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also for your safety on the road.

    The top 10 methods to clean your windshield, from using household items like vinegar and baking soda to professional cleaning solutions and tools, provide various ways to achieve a spotless view.

    Remember, regular maintenance can prevent the build-up of dirt and grime, ensuring optimal visibility during your journeys.

    Whether you prefer a DIY approach or professional services, there’s a solution to suit everyone’s needs. Drive safe with a clear windshield!



    Vide Polowenski, Senior Mechanic

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