Can an Airbag Warning Light Turn Itself Off?

We all have seen an airbag warning light on our dashboard at least once while owning a certain vehicle. When an airbag light is on, there is something wrong with your airbag system. But, can an airbag warning light turn itself off?

Can an Airbag Warning Light Turn Itself Off

Can an airbag warning light turn itself offOpens in a new tab.


Can an Airbag Warning Light Turn Itself Off?

When you start your vehicle, the computerOpens in a new tab.

Once the airbag warning light is illuminated, it can not turn itself off. You will have to fix the issue and then manually reset the airbag light.

The issue could be mechanical or technical. Either way, you should take your vehicle to the mechanic and resolve this issue. You shouldn’t be driving with a faulty airbag systemOpens in a new tab.

Why Is My Airbag Light On?

Did you start your vehicle this morning and you saw the airbag light on? Are you worried that you will end up with a huge repair bill? That doesn’t always have to be the case. Your airbag light could be on due to mechanical or technical error. Here are the most common reasons why your airbag light is on:

1. Seat Belt Sensor Interference

There are sensors in the seat belt catch which sends a message to the computer if the seat belt is not connected properly. You might have connected your seat belt properly, but the sensor could be blocked by some debris. In this case, the sensor will not recognize that the seat belt is on and it will send an message to the computer which will trigger the airbag warning light.

Make sure to clean the seat belt catch every time you vacuum clean your interior. Something small as a breadcrumb can trigger the airbag warning light.

2. Damaged Wiring Under Seat

Vehicles have a thousands of wires running behind the door panels, dashboard, roof, and floor. Some wires are hidden well, some are not so much.

The wires from the seat belt catch go through the seat into the vehicle floor and into the vehicle computer. Sometimes we put stuff under our seats which can damage those wires. A damaged airbag wiring under the seat will most certainly trigger an airbag warning light on your dashboard.

3. Damaged Clock Spring

The clock spring houses all the wiring found in the steering wheelOpens in a new tab.

If the clock spring is damaged, the wires inside could be cut and disconnected. If an airbag wire is disconnected it will trigger an airbag warning light.

4. Vehicle Was in an Accident

Sometimes when a vehicle has been in an accident that is not serious enough to deploy the airbags, it might trigger the SRS warning light. This happens in rare cases, but it still can happen. This only requires an airbag light reset.

5. Wrong Data Being Sent To The Computer

When you start your vehicle, the main vehicle computer will run tests to see if your airbag system is workingOpens in a new tab.

Sometimes, the issue could be a wrong reading. The airbag system can send wrong data to the computer which will trigger the airbag light even though the airbags are working perfectly. This will require just an airbag reset.

How To Reset An Airbag Light Without Tools

If everything is okay with your airbag system but the airbag light is illuminated due to a wrong reading, there is a way to reset an airbag light without tools.

1. Turn the key to ”on”

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it into the ”ON” position.

2. Wait for the airbag light

Once you turn your key to the ”ON” position, the airbag light will come on. It will stay illuminated and then will start blinking. As soon as the airbag light shuts itself off, turn the key to the ”off” position.

3. Hold the key in ”off” position

Hold the key in ”off” position for no more than 3 seconds.

4. Repeat the process three times

Repeat the full process three times. There is no need of doing it more than three times.

5. Start your vehicle

After doing the process for three times, start your vehicle and let it run. At this point, you shouldn’t have an airbag warning light on.

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