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6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars




Glass coating products for cars are all about creating a hydrophobic surface or simply putting repelling rainwater on your car’s windshield, side windows, and rear glass to improve visibility in wet conditions. They also make the washing and drying process of the exterior glass much easier.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the 6 best glass coating products for cars.

Key Takeaway

6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars

  • Nv Nova Glass
  • CarPro Flyby Forte
  • Gyeon Q2 View
  • Nextzett Glass Sealant
  • Stoner Rain Repellent
  • Rain-X Water Repellent

Preparation Before Using Glass Coating Products

Before using glass coating products on your vehicle, I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of proper preparation prior to applying any glass coating or sealant.

So, what this basically means is to make sure you first wash the glass with a detergent and clay the glass if it needs it to remove more stubborn bonded particles.

Then, it’s extremely important to polish the glass which can be done with just a standard car polish or compound. Some of the glass coatings actually include polishes which makes it even easier.

Glass is a tight-tension surface compared to car paint. So, you do have to do everything possible to give the coating the best possible chance to bond to it, or else it simply won’t effectively adhere to it. Ultimately, it won’t last or perform anywhere near as well as it should.

One sign that glass is truly clean and bare is that it should have a bit of friction and actually squeak when you wipe or even apply the coating. Squeaky clean glass is really what you’re aiming for.

6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars

Glass Coating ProductApplication EaseWater Sheathing CapabilityDurabilityPrice
Nv Nova GlassEasyGreatModerate$51.99
CarPro Flyby ForteEasyModerateGreat$57.99
Gyeon Q2 ViewHardGreatGreat$39.99
Nextzett Glass SealantEasyGreatGreat$29.95
Stoner Rain RepellentEasyGoodGood$11.98
Rain-X Water RepellentEasyGoodGood$5.97

6. Nv Nova Glass

As far as the application and flash time go, the NV Nova glass coating product is the quickest. After applying the coating, the glass flashes almost instantly and provides an almost immediate layering process. There is no real downtime which makes it an extremely time-efficient coating to apply.

Now, you do need to move a little more quickly with NV Nova in both your application over the glass and in layering times due to its rapid flashing formula. It does feel more intensive while applying it. I wouldn’t say that the wiping is quite as grippy as other products, but it is still a rather grippy coating to level down.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the Nv Nova Glass comes in first place. Nv Nova Glass is just a second faster in sheathing water than all of the products from this list. The propper up water big contact angles are also the most elevated and well-rounded, which puts this product in the first place.

5. CarPro Flyby Forte

There is no denying that the CarPro flyby forte spreads onto the glass with extreme ease and flashes rather quickly. It also levels down with almost no friction and a seamless wipe-off. However, the instructions on the box and the seller’s website are a total mess. It can be quite confusing how to use this product, especially for a first-time user.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the CarPro Flyby Forte comes in fourth place. The water sheathing and beating behavior are really quite good. But, being the most expensive product on the list, the water-sheathing properties could be a bit better.

Now, out of all the glass coatings here, CarPro Flyby is easily the one I’ve used the most. I know it’s a great coating with fantastic performance and durability. It is perhaps the least likely coating here to cause wiper chatter.

But, in saying that, I do feel that this current formulation is a little too touchy in its application. If you don’t treat it gently enough and do everything perfectly to a tea, it suffers in its performance.

Application-wise, it is just so buttery easy and nice which is something I love about it.

4. Gyeon Q2 View

This is where things start to get a little bit more specific and involved. Gyeon Q2 View is a glass coating product for cars that comes in a two-part formulation. Initially, you will use the cleanse Q2 followed by a Repel Q2 product.

There is some conflicting information about how to use the Gyeon Q2 View. The information on the box is a bit vague and then the instructions on the seller’s website were completely different from the ones on the box. However, this isn’t the only glass coating product with instructional discrepancies as there are other products as well.

The instructions on the box suggest that you leave the product for about fifteen minutes and then wipe it off which seems to me like a lot of time. The coating itself seems to flash and bond much more quickly.

Waiting so long just seems to massively degrade the user experience. It is really hard to wipe off the excess coating after waiting for fifteen minutes. Prepare for some elbow grease.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the Gyeon Q2 View comes in third place. Q2 water sheathing properties are quite rapid. Its water-big contact angles are also quite extreme. All in all, it is a great performer.

There’s no denying that Gyeon Q2 View is a top-performing windscreen coating. Its water repellency is fantastic and its chemical resistance and potential durability look impressive. However, I just have issues with the application.

The wipe-offs are very sticky and grabby and I really don’t like that I need to use an additional primer polish which according to their own video has to sit for 15 minutes. Then, I have to wait another 15 minutes to wipe off the coating and it continues with these 15-minute wait times for each additional layer.

It usually takes me less than an hour to coat a vehicle’s entire glass. But, with Q2 View, it would take at least twice as long with a lot more work.

3. Nextzett Glass Sealant

6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars

Out of all the sealants and coatings here, the Nextzett glass sealant was the one that had the slowest flashing time. Meaning, that it took the longest to haze and also seems to have the thickest consistency which may be why it took so long.

Nextzett does spread on the glass quite easily, but it always looks like you have too much product on the glass. Even when you just apply a few small drops. I think this also has to do with how thick the product really is.

Compared to the Stoner rain repellent and the Rain-X water repellent, the Nextzett glass sealant has the grippiest wipe-off. You most certainly would need a damp cloth to initially wipe it down. But even then, it’s still a little more time-consuming. I am not saying that it is bad, it is not as quick as the other products.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the Nextzett Glass Sealant comes in second place. To be honest, I didn’t really expect this product to sheet and beat the water so exceptionally. I really don’t think that anyone will be disappointed with its hydrophobic performance.

The Nextzett glass sealant is certainly not as cheap as Stoner or Rain-X, but it’s also nowhere near as expensive as the other coatings here. Its hydrophobic behavior was only second to Nv Nova glass and its potential durability was a good solid third place. The application isn’t the easiest, quickest, or most pleasant, but it’s still not awful. When you add price versus quality versus performance, it’s actually a top contender here. 

2. Stoner Rain Repellent

6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars

The Stoner rain repellent feels a bit grippier than Rain-X water repellent as you apply it. I wouldn’t say that it’s difficult, it just has a touch more friction and may take a few extra seconds longer to apply. The flash or haste time is a little slower than Rain-X, but again not worlds apart.

However, the Stoner rain repellent does require a damp cloth to wipe off any excess coating. But even so, it is relatively quick and easy to apply.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the Stoner Rain Repellent had the worst results. I wouldn’t say that it is all bad, but it’s not as good as the other products. However, there is definitely an improvement in the water sheathing compared to bare glass.

Stoner without a doubt makes one of the best glass cleaners on the market and its rain repellent is the cheapest product here as well. They are giving you the most generous quantity that could potentially coat all your car glasses dozens of times.

There’s certainly a lot of potential value there. However, its application although decent isn’t quite as good as Rain-X, nor is its hydrophobic ability, or potential durability.

1. Rain-X Water Repellent

6 Best Glass Coating Products For Cars

Rain-X spreads into the glass with extreme ease. It is able to get good consistent coverage quite easily. Although it’s certainly not the fastest or slowest flash coating, it will flash within a few minutes depending on if it’s warmer or cooler with a visual haze which is a clear sign that the glass coating has bonded to the glass and is ready to be leveled down.

Rain-X does state that you can use a damp cloth if need be to wipe the coating down, but honestly, I have never used water to wipe off any coating.

Comparing the water-repellent properties of all the six products here, the Rain-X water repellent comes in fifth place. It really not far off the rest of the products and does pretty well. This is especially amazing if you take the price into consideration. The water shading rates and contact angles are impressive.

Rain-X water repellent is the forefather of hydrophobic glass sealants. I’d say I first tried it about 13 years ago. But, it’s actually been at least a good five years since I last used it. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’d say it’s definitely better than I remember.

I guess that it’s had quite a few formula updates since then. When you add to that the beautiful and easy application, the large quantity you get, and the low price, is actually quite a fantastic product.

Benefits of Using Glass Coating Products For Cars?

  • Enhanced Gloss and Shine: Glass coating gives the car a high-gloss finish, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Paint Protection: It forms a protective layer over the car paint, protecting it from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other damaging elements.
  • Scratch Resistance: The coating adds a hard layer on top of the paintwork, making it more resistant to minor scratches and swirl marks.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dirt and grime don’t stick easily to the glass coating, making the car easier to clean.
  • Longevity: Glass coatings typically last longer than traditional waxes or sealants, offering protection for years.
  • Water Repellent: They have hydrophobic properties, meaning water beads up and rolls off the surface, reducing the chance of water spots and rust.

How Long Does a Glass Coating Product Last On Car Windows?

Most top-quality glass coatings on the market today have a lifespan of approximately 6 months to a year on average.

Factors such as the quality of the product, the application process, and the environmental conditions the vehicle is exposed to, can all influence the duration of the coating’s effectiveness.

It’s important to note that while these coatings can provide substantial protection and hydrophobic benefits, they may require reapplication once their effectiveness starts to diminish over time.


Q: Will glass coating products make my car windows completely scratch-proof?

A: While glass coating products can provide excellent scratch resistance, they cannot make your car windows completely scratch-proof. However, they can significantly reduce the chances of scratches caused by normal wear and tear.

Q: Can I apply glass coating products on my own?

A: Yes, many glass coating products are designed for easy application by car owners. However, it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper application and maximum effectiveness.

Q: Do I need to prepare my car windows before applying a glass coating product?

A: Yes, proper preparation is essential for achieving optimal results. Before applying a glass coating product, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your car windows to remove any dirt, grease, or existing coatings. You may also need to polish the windows to remove any imperfections.

Q: Can I use a glass coating product on other glass surfaces besides car windows?

A: Yes, many glass coating products can be used on various glass surfaces, including mirrors, shower doors, and glass furniture. However, it is important to ensure that the specific product you choose is suitable for the intended surface.

Q: Will a glass coating product affect the clarity of my car windows?

A: No, a good quality glass coating product should not affect the clarity of your car windows. In fact, it can enhance the clarity by repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants that can otherwise distort the view.

A: Some popular glass coating products for cars include “XYZ Glass Coating”, “ABC Glass Guard”, “UV Shield Glass Coating”, “Crystal Clear Glass Protector”, “NanoPro Glass Coating”, and “Diamond Shine Glass Sealant”.

Q: Can a glass coating product be used on tinted car windows?

A: Yes, many glass coating products are designed to be safe for use on tinted car windows. However, it is recommended to check the product specifications and guidelines to ensure compatibility with tinted surfaces.

Q: Can a glass coating product be used on older car windows?

A: Yes, glass coating products can be used on older car windows. In fact, they can help revitalize the appearance of worn-out windows by enhancing their clarity and providing a protective layer against further damage.

In Conclusion

The market offers a variety of high-quality glass coating products for cars that not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance but also provide protection.

Some of the top-rated products include Nv Nova Glass, CarPro Flyby Forte, Gyeon Q2 View, Nextzett Glass Sealant, Stoner Rain Repellent, and Rain-X according to Car Care Hacks. Other notable mentions are Chemical Guys CLD30116 HydroView Ceramic Glass Cleaner and IGL Ecocoat Window, which is unique with its 2-K (2 Component) system and lasts up to 12 months or more.



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