Top 10 Emergency Items to Have in Your Car

It would certainly be handy if you could have a mechanic in the trunk of your car for emergencies, but since the odds against that happening are pretty high here’s the next best thing, I’m going to show you things that you should have in your trunk to keep you safe while driving.

”The top 10 emergency items to have in your car are: Flashlight, jumper cables, brake fluid, antifreeze, duct tape, jacking tool, spare tire, husky pump, fire extinguisher and gloves. Having these items will pretty much solve 99% of your car troubles should you have any.”

Many of these items can do more than their original purpose. Here is why you should have them:

10. Flashlight

The first thing that you must have is a flashlight. But not just any, make sure you buy a flashlight that you can recharge so you don’t have to buy batteries all the time. Having a flashlight will come in handy if your car stops in the middle of the night. You can place the flashlight on your trunk and it can serve as a warning signal for all the drivers behind you so they don’t run into you. You can visit and get your flashlight. I found a pretty cool flashlight on Check it out on

9. Jumper Cables

Next thing you should have in your trunk is a good set of jumper cables. Now, you don’t want a cheap set. Get the ones that are made out of copper and are thick. If you get the cheap aluminum ones, heck they’ll melt when you jump a dead battery. Also, make sure you get ones that are long enough, around 15 feet, so you can reach around stuff. Make sure that you place the cables correctly – one cable goes on the positive terminal and the other goes on the negative terminal. Always double check before you start the car. If you don’t have jumper cables, you can always order some online on Get yours on

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8. Brake Fluid

The next thing to have is a can of brake fluid. Because if your brakes get a leak, hey you can pour it in and at least make it to a safe place, rather than be stranded. Depending on your leak, but if you have 1 bottle of brake fluid, you can at least drive your car to the mechanic or to a parking space. If you don’t have brake fluid in your car, lease, do not drive your car without adding brake fluid. Instead, call a cab and come back the next day with brake fluid and refill the reservoir.

7. Duct Tape

Speaking of not getting stranded, there’s the handyman’s helper duct tape. Don’t be without it. If you get a hole in a radiator hose, hey you can duct tape it closed. It’ll seal it for a while, so at least you can get to a safe place. Be careful when applying the duct tape because the engine is very hot and you don’t want to burn your hands. Also, after you apply the duct tape, make sure you have fluids left in the radiator so your engine won’t overheat. This brings us to the next thing you need to have in your car. You can find some duct tape under $20 on Get it on

6. Antifreeze

Sealing the leak alone won’t do you any good unless you have some antifreeze in your car. So, keep a jug antifreeze in the trunk too. If you don’t have any antifreeze in your car and you got stuck in a place where there is no gas station near, you can pour some water in your radiator so you can get to a mechanic. Also, tell your mechanic that you had poured some water so he can drain the radiator and add the proper amount of antifreeze. Having water in your radiator during the winter will cause the water to freeze, therefore expand and destroy the piping.  Here are some long life antifreeze on

5. Jacking Tool

Now, another thing I always put my car’s is a decent jack. Like it or not, its very probable that every once in a while you will get a flat tire. You don’t want to drive your car with a flat tire because you will damage your rims. I can’t stand those cheap little Jack’s that cars come with. I just don’t trust them with my car. Imagine having your car up in the air and that jack just malfunctions? God forbids with you under the vehicle. Nah, I always buy the metal one’s, the strong one’s. Check out for some strong jacks.

4. Spare Tire

I drove a car without a spare tire for 6 months thinking that I will never get a flat tire, until I did. I was driving to my weekend house which is around 90 miles out from the city and I got a flat tire. There was no gas station near. I waited 3 hours for my dad to come and bring me a spare tire. I’ve learned my lesson. I am not getting into a car without spare tire. Also, make sure you check your tire from time to time to see if it has air in it.

3. Husky Pump

Everyone hates being stranded with a flat tire, so I put one of these little husky pumps in every car I own. They just plug into the cigarette lighter and they have a cord long enough to reach any of your tires. They even have a built-in pressure gauge so you don’t even need a tire gauge. Even a tiny little pump like will fill an empty tire up in as little as four minutes. I found one on for little under $14.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Of course ,don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher in case the unmentionable happens. If either your car or somebody else’s car starts on fire, you can save a life with a fire extinguisher.  Just make sure you get the right extinguisher, one that’s rated for B and C for both liquids and electrical fires. Check out some fire extinguishers on

1. Gloves

The last thing are gloves. Keep a good pair of gloves in the trunk because if you’re going somewhere, but you got to mess with your car, hey nothing’s worse than having filthy hands when you arrive. So, have some gloves ready. I like the safe grip gloves, because they got long collars on them, so the dirt can’t get on you and they’re nice and thick. You can use them over many times and best of all they have these little crenelations on the fingertips, so you can pick up small objects and they don’t slip.

Because I want to help people, I am also going to give you more information on how to have a car that lasts long.

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

I’m going to give you the top five tips to make your car last as long as it possibly can.

  1. Change Your Engine Oil Regularly: If you do no other maintenance on your car, do that. That’s what makes them last the longest. Be sure to use the oil that’s specified. You will find instructions on the engine oil cap. With late-model cars, it’s even more important, because a lot of them are made only to use synthetic oil. They’re so complicated inside. Your engine must have a good flow of oil. You got to keep it clean, and you have to use the correct viscosity.
  2. Change Your Power Steering Fluid: The next maintenance item and one that’s often forgotten is power steering fluid. If your fluid is black, that means it needs to be changed because the power steering fluid is red. Next, if you hear a whining noise, that means the pump is worn. If it’s really low on fluid it can whine too. The dirty fluid can worn it out and it will need some expensive work. Make it a habit to change your power steering fluid every 3 or 4 years. It would keep it clean and then it wouldn’t have those problems.
  3. Wax Your Car Regularly: The third tip has to do with your car body. If you want to have a shinny car, you have to wax it. It’s a good idea to wax it four times a year, once a season, as nutty as it sounds. The paint on your car has to remain somewhat flexible and waxing keeps it flexible. If it’s not and it dries up, then your paint all cracks and looks horrible.
  4. Change Your Coolant Regularly: Decades ago, you had to change the coolant every three years, because that’s all it was good for. But, modern cars use extended life. So, check with your car what it uses to see when you change the fluid. Some even go seven years or 200,000 miles. Just check on what yours is and change it at those intervals. Just look at it this way, coolant is cheap, engines are super expensive.
  5. Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid: The automatic transmission fluid gets dirty over time, and again decades ago when I was young, they told you to change the automatic transmission filter and fluid every 30,000 miles. The newer cars have better metal in them and stronger parts. You can change them a lot less frequently, but I still don’t believe in this lifetime fluid nonsense that’s written on the ATF cap. All fluids get dirty overtime and they start to wear parts internally from friction. Also, you’d want to use the correct fluid just like the oil, you want to use the one that that manufacturer uses.

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