The Most Amazing Stand-out Chevy Camaro Floor Mats Ever

Shopping Chevy Camaro floor mats? These products do not just look good; they will give your car the royalty it deserves. Read to find out more!

The Best Chevy Camaro Floor Mats

Despite priding ourselves in providing balanced reviews on products, we could not help but take a stand after testing out a varied number of Chevy Camaro floor mats. Among the hallmarks of the Chevy Camaro are its beauty and power. Finding the right mats that provide embody these characteristics while delivering on quality, durability, and comfort is hard to come by. So, we took it upon ourselves to do a search and come up with the most stand out Camaro floor mats you can ever lay hands on. We are incredibly proud of our results and are happy to share it with you. We have also provided you with an in-depth guide on what to look out for when shopping Camaro floor mats and how to install and care for them.  

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Five stunning, reliable floor mats

Camaro Rubber and Metallic Floor Mats by BDK – Best for Camaro 2014

Camaro Rubber and Metallic Floor Mats by BDK – Best for Camaro 2014

There usually is a dichotomy between what manufacturers say their products can do and what the product does. BDK did all it could to reduce that gap with its brand of Camaro floor mats. These floor mats are distinct for being an extremely durable Camaro rubber floor mat, yet flexible and comfortable. It does not halt there. The Camaro floor mats are weather-resistant, capable of withstanding the extremities of weather conditions. In heat or the extremes of winter, these car mats stay true without failing in its duty to provide comfort. Although they fit well with most Chevys, they are the best 2014 Camaro SS floor mat.

Reasons why you should consider owning one of these floor mats

  • Durability: The BDK floor mats last. Backed by the rubber polymer that forms the basis of the floor mats material, these Chevy mats are both durable and capable of bending easily without breaking. The mats’ ability to survive weather extremities is without a doubt. Thanks to stress tests conducted in two extreme weather conditions, heat, and freezing temperatures, we now know these mats capabilities.
  • Protection: Your Chevy needs protection from stains, dirt, dust, or any form of a contaminant that may damage or cause blemish to your car. BDK does not stress itself accomplishing this. These waterproof mats trap any stain on it and clean easily, leaving no traces of any activity that took place.
  • Non-slip: Some mats just won’t stay in place. Not BDX. With the aid of nibs at the base of the mats, these rubber mats will not slip or change position in your car. The nibs – made of rubber – grip firmly to the base of your Camaro. The mats also provide traction to prevent you from an accidental slip and reduce driver fatigue.
  • Simple Installation: The Camaro rubber floor mats are designed to fit the front or rear floors when placed on them. It is easy to retrieve the mat to expel or rinse off any liquid or spillage trapped on the mat without denting the original flooring of your vehicle.

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 Mishaps observed with the use of the BDX Camaro mats

  • Small Size: These mats have been said to have a universal fit on vehicle floors and can be trimmed when oversized. However, nothing one can do to alter the size when the mats are too tiny to fit the floor plan of your vehicle. Unfortunately, size mishaps happen frequently with this product, with orders a tad smaller than what was required. This size, however, is the perfect replacement fit for the 2014 Camaro ss floor mats.
  • Strong and Unfavorable Smell: It is non- profitable to save a few bucks at the expense of your health. Several users have complaints about the mats having a horrible smell that would not go away despite repeated washing and the use of different products to get rid of it.

Is it worth the try?

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How Long Can You Drive With Bad Lifters?

These Camaro car floor mats are sturdy. This single feature is a massive turn-on for anyone contemplating on purchasing car floor mats. With added advantages of a waterproof backing that protects your car floor and the ease of installing and cleaning it, who would not like to own these sets of mats? Though the small size is an issue, they are slightly trimmable to fit your car. The impressive fit is the reason why they are among the best Camaro floor mats 2014 Chevrolet has available.

On the scarce but noteworthy concerns over the smell of the mats, we feel that it might have to do with the packaging and delivery of the products. Why? The mats we ordered smelt okay. Though they do not have a pleasant smell, they did not smell bad, and not anywhere near the horrible smell claimed. We cannot help but recommend these Chevy Camaro floor mats for anyone who owns a 2014 Camaro.

Motor Trend All Weather Rubber Floor Mats – Best Floor Mats for 1968-1969 Camaro

Motor Trend All Weather Rubber Floor Mats – Best Floor Mats for 1968-1969 Camaro

Most car floor mats possess an unhealthy rubber smell, which takes a lot of effort to get rid of even after airing out, scrubbing with water, or spraying an air freshener. With Motor Trend Heavy-duty floor mats, you do not have to worry about all of that as they are odorless and made from eco- friendly materials. These motor trends are similar to the factory 1968 and 1969 Chevy Camaro floor mats. Hence, they will serve as an awesome replacement.

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The benefits of Motor Trend car mats

  • Custom-fit: To get full coverage, these front and rear mats alongside the cargo liner are built to be compatible with your vehicle’s floor plan or trimmed to provide perfect fitment of the floor and gas pedals with just a pair of scissors.
  • Durability: Unlike other mats that come from non-flexible materials, these categories of mats are soft and flexible yet tough enough to ensure that there are no deformations in extreme cold or cracks in heat. The incredible durability of the Motor Trend floor mat is the result of performance tests done on the rubber polymers to check its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Odorless: These mats consist of EVA rubber and so do not produce the characteristic strong rubber smell associated with most rubber floor mats. It is ecofriendly and approved by the SGS European standards.
  • Quality and Design: In harsh climates such as rain or snow, the waterproof design of this mat enables debris to be trapped and discarded easily from its surface to ensure that the floor is kept as dry as possible to prevent mildew. It also has an anti-slip backing made of rubber nibs on the bottom and traction holds on the top to secure the foot firmly on the mat and, at the same time, anchor it to the floor to prevent it from slipping under the pedals while driving.

The Major Setback associated with these floor mats

  • Wrong Fit: Users are unsatisfied with the coverage of these mats, especially those covering the cargo and back seat as they are either too short or not long enough to cover the flooring fully, thereby exposing the carpet and leaving it vulnerable. However, they are an incredible 1968 Camaro floor mat. These mats are also very compatible with the 1994 Chevy Camaro.

Our judgment on the choice of this product

Ownership of a floor mat, such as Motor Trend with a high ridgeline design, is a good deal. This Camaro floor mat is durable and protects your car floors from stains and adverse weather conditions. The Motor Trend Camaro car mats are odor-free – no unpleasant odor that may be harmful to one’s health or the environment.

Our verdict: if you have any of the years of Camaro listed here, by all means, buy. They are the ideal 1968 and 1969 Camaro floor mat and work perfectly on the 1994 model year.  

FH Monster Eye – The Best Chevrolet 2000-2002 and 2011 Camaro Floor Mats

FH Monster Eye Chevrolet 2000-2002 and 2011 Camaro Floor Mats

These great looking monster eye-shaped front and rear floor mats, which are universally fitted to the front and rear seats of SUVs, cars, and trucks, offer heavy and thick protective coverage to vehicle floors while holding the mats in place. These are the perfect Chevrolet 2002 Camaro floor mats, fitting perfectly with a flawless finish.

The Advantages of owning an FH Group floor mat

  • Easy to Clean: The ease with which these mats clean to expel any trapped debris is surreal. With basic materials such as a vacuum or soap and water, the mats will look the same way as at the time of purchase.
  • Quality and Durable: The rubber material used in production is thick yet soft and flexible to permit easy trimming for its installation and to increase its durability.
  • Attractive: These mats also come in different attractive colors.
  • Stain Resistance: FH Group rubber floor mats are waterproof and, as such, are perfect for protecting the vehicle from stains and dirt. At the same time, the tall ridges on the outer surface prevent any liquid from leaking onto the original carpets and causing mildew.
  • Easy Installation: A pair of scissors is all that is needed to cut these mats to custom fit your vehicle’s flooring plan before placing it on the floor or removal whenever it needs to be cleaned.

The Most significant drawback to the use of FH Group mats

  • Absence of Anti-slide material: These set of Camaro car floor mats have no component on its back surface to prevent it from sliding. Thus it constantly slides over the brakes and gas pedals on the driver’s end and needs adjustment from time to time. This lack of a firm grim constitutes a hazard. Hence, though they make great 2011 Camaro SS floor mats, the slight gaps between the car edges make the mat prone to sliding.


Besides the poor grip of these FH mats, there is absolutely nothing to grumble about. However, these mats should fit well into your 2000-2002 Camaro. That is why we have ranked them the best Chevrolet 2000-2002 Camaro floor mat. They fit some 2014 Camaro trims, although the rear passenger mats may need trimming to get them to sit right. Once these floor mats are compatible, you have an extreme performer in your hands. Not only are these Camaro floor mats comfortable, but they also are durable, easy to install, resist stain, and are weather and waterproof.

OxGord Brick-Style – Best 2015-2017 Camaro Rubber Floor Mats

OxGord Brick-Style – Best 2015-2017 Camaro Rubber Floor Mats

These sets of mats are compatible with automobiles such as cars, SUVs, trucks, and Minivans. Besides being excellent 2015-2017 Camaro floor mats, these rubber floor mats provide valuable protection to the front and rear floor plans of your Camaro irrespective of the season – be it in rain, snow, or mud. They can also be trimmed to custom fit various post-2010 Chevrolet Camaros. OxGord car floor mats are long-lasting and easy to clean to obtain a brand-new feeling.

Why should you purchase an OxGord Brick style mat?

  • High Quality: These mats build consists of heavy-duty ridges and divots that can trap dirt, grime, liquid, debris. These ridges prevent the trapped particles from sliding off into the car floor.  These water-resistant mats have rubber nips which secure the mat firmly to the floor to prevent it from slipping.
  • Durability: The indestructible component of the rubber material used in the production of these mats’ accounts for its round the clock protection from season to season.
  • Custom Fit: The front and rear mats have customized measurements that can, however, be trimmed along its lines to suit the contours of your vehicle floor perfectly.
  • Easy to Clean: The surface of the mats is waterproof and, as a result, looks brand new just by wiping with a washcloth, vacuum, or spraying with a hose.

The Disadvantages of using these set of floor mats

  • Strong Odor: It has quite an insufferable smell that permeates the car whenever the mat is placed in it. Several attempts to air the mat have proven futile in getting rid of the toxic rubber smell.
  • Deceptive Size: Though these mats are of good quality, they do not seem to fit well on the car floors, which they are claimed to be designed for like the 2019 Equinox, 2018 Mazda CX5, Toyota RAV4 2014, 2019 HONDA HRV SPORT. The mats need a bit of trimming to fit into the car makes and models mentioned above. Surprisingly, they are perfect as 2019 and 2015 Camaro floor mats, models which are not the intended cars this product aims.
  • Limited Warranty: Customers frown at the fact that OxGord floor mats offer a limited warranty of 1 year and no refund even upon request.

Our thoughts on the choice of this product

OxGord Brick-style rubber mats solve our everyday challenges with the interior of the floor of vehicles as it has both water and stain resisting properties. A custom-fitted all-weather floor mat for your cars, SUV, minivan, and trucks, which can be cleaned or vacuum with ease, is a must-have. These 2019 and 2015 – 2017 Camaro floor mats are recommended.

Plasticolor Chevrolet Weatherpro – the best 2014 – 2017 Camaro floor mats

These front and rear mat set is exquisitely designed by Plasticolor to offer great protection in diverse weather conditions. The high quality of Chevrolet mats adds great detail while protecting the floor of your vehicle. They are excellent 2016 Camaro floor mats and are compatible with the many variations.  It is hard not to notice the fact that these mats need little or no effort to keep them clean.

The enormous merits derived from using this floor mat set

  • Universal Fit: These Chevy mat sets are structured to give perfect custom fitment to the original contours of the front and rear floors of your vehicle. These mats are installed by simply placing them over the carpet or interior floor of the vehicle or trimming it to cover its outline.
  • High Quality and Design: This Chevy mat is stylishly crested with the Chevrolet symbol to give your vehicle a classic finishing while still providing season to season protection to the floors. It is made to be soft and flexible yet firm to offer a good grip to the floor and comfort to your feet.
  • Ease of cleaning: The material of this Plasticolor mats are waterproof and so can be made to look clean and brand new effortlessly with soap and water without putting a strain on your pocket whenever any dirt, liquid or debris accumulates on it.

The Demerits of These Plasticolor mats

  • Improper Sizing: These mats are too small to provide adequate coverage to the floor of most Chevrolet vehicles like the 2018 Chevrolet Sonic, Silverados, and especially older Chevy vehicles like the Chevrolet Master and Standard Chevrolet series AE Independence. This handicap also shows when the Plasticolor is used as replacement Camaro zl1 floor mats.
  • Thin Mats: These mats are thinner than expected and, as a result, tend to deform quickly with use.

What we think about this mat set

Chevrolet floor mat is a beauty to behold. It is considered the best fit for Chevrolet Impala, 2018 Camaro, and 2020 Colorado. They are the absolute best 2020 Camaro floor mat. Who would not seize the opportunity to possess a floor mat universally fitted for your vehicle? Better still, they come customized with a crest of the Chevrolet symbol. These floor mats offer long-lasting and round the clock protection to the original flooring plan of your vehicle.

Alternate buying options

OxGord Luxury Mats – The best carpet mats for the 1987, 2002 and 2015 Camaro

If carpet mats are your preferred option in flooring your Camaro, then the OxGord Luxury mats are recommended. These car floor mats are compatible with most Camaros particularly the 1987, 2002 and 2015 model years.

One of the major advantages of a carpet mat is the non-slippery nature of the material which improves driving safety. Rubber carpets are generally more slippery, particularly when the mats do not fit tight or the carpet design does not provide enough grip. These OxGord car mats, on the other hand, are a combination of luxury and functionality. They are built of quality material that protects you from the harrows of heat, stain, dirt and any weather-related element. They are also easy to clean – compared to the average carpet mat – stains, and dirt wash off quickly. Finally, the carpets mats are spiked at the back to hold them firmly to the car floors. The benefit of this is that the mats will not shift easily, affording the driver improved protection.

The availability of color options is, however, the primary reason why the OxGord Luxury mats are preferred by Chevy owners. It is important to note that these are not heavy-duty car mats. Like all carpet floor mats, they require a bit of additional care to keep them free from smell and prevent wear and tear. For information on car floor carpet care and maintenance, see our guide below.  

WeatherTech Front Rubber/Plastic Floor Mats – The best front mats for the Camaro SS 2012 – 2018

One of the unique features of the Camaro SS is its trim, something that few cars floor mats have been able to adequate fully in their build. To fit the Camaro ss, most car floor mats require trimming. Not WeatherTech’s Camaro floor mats. Although they are compatible with a most Camaro including the LT and RS trims (except the 2017 Camaro LT and a few others), they fit the SS perfectly. Beyond fitting, these floorliners consist of a thick high-density material that provides improved durability.

The design also provides a bit of friction on the surface of the mats. Drivers are adequately protected from skidding or slipping. These all-weather floor mats, clean easily, with liquids flowing into the ridges in the carpets for safety. The only negative  is that the FloorLiners front and rear car mats are sold separately. They are not the cheapest option for anyone looking for front and back car floor mats.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Camaro floor mats

A car floor mat is a must buy to prevent your car floors from damaging early. Most car floors are made of materials that do not wash easily, are not weather friendly, and are more concerned with insulating the interior. A car floor mat will ensure that your car interior reflects who you are and gives your car long-lasting protection from anything that may harm your car. Hence, these are the questions you must ask when shopping Chevy Camaro floor mats:

What is my budget?

Any car mat you purchase should be able to provide an equivalent value for the price tag. Look at the average cost of similar products that fit your Camaro to have a clear idea of what product that you should purchase.

What is the car floor size?

Your car floor mats must fit into the floor area of your Camaro. Look out for the floor mats that fit best. Measure the length of your driver and passenger car floors and take note of their shapes. Also, read reviews to have a clear idea of the most suitable car floor mat. If in doubt, purchase custom car floor mats that leave enough room for trimming to fit your Camaro.

What material is most suitable for my car?

This question must not be left unanswered. Take note of the environment you are using to determine the material best suited for your Camaro floor mats. Most Camaro car mats are either carpet, rubber, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products. Some carpets are handmade, while other floor mats are machine manufactured. All these factors need consideration when making a purchase.

Is the car floor mat anti-slippery?

Some car floor mats do not provide a firm grip for the driver. Particularly where the mats are not the perfect fit for the car, these mats pose a grave risk to a driver as a wrong move can be the reason for an unnecessary trip to the hospital. Your Camaro floor mat must give you a firm grip both with the car floor and your feet.

Does the car floor mat fit with your Camaro interior?

There is no point in buying a car floor mat that does not match the interior of your Chevy Camaro. It is important to find the Chevy Camaro floor mats that match and add a bit of color to your car interior.

Does the Camaro car cover reflect your style and preferences?

Unlike Camaro rubber floor mats that do not give much room for customization, a carpet floor mat gives you room to print in the name, logo, or emblem of yourself, family, or your favorite sports club.

How to clean your Camaro floor mats

The various ways to clear your Camaro car mat are dependent on the type of car mat you possess. Irrespective of the material your car floor mat comprises, the first step to cleaning them is to take them out of your car. Once done, take time to vacuum the interior of your car to remove any debris, dust, or dirt from your car floors.

Cleaning Camaro rubber floor mats

The best cleaning substance for your Chevy Camaro rubber floor mats is washing powder and liquid mixed proportionately with water. Start by thoroughly scrubbing with a brush or cloth, the front, and back of the car floor mat. Scrubbing the back is important to get off any debris that may have gotten stuck to the back of the mat from the car floor. There is no point in vacuuming the car floor if the dirty back of the floor mat will get back into your Camaro unwashed. Then using a pressure hose or bucket, wash the mat thoroughly. Vinegar is a recommended cleaning agent for a squeaky-clean finish.

How to clean Camaro carpet floor mats

One of the major worries faced by carpet floor mats owners is the likelihood of the car smelling as a result of washing. This concern heightens in times of scarce sunlight. Therefore, we recommend using a vacuum to get rid of the dirt that may have gotten stuck to the carpet. Unlike rubber car mats, which are generally waterproof, these floor mats must not be soaked in a cleaning solution. Simply spray your preferred car cleaning solution over the car carpet. Then with the help of a light brush, get rid of any stain that the vacuum was unable to rid. If prolonged periods of sunlight are a challenge, do not wash with a pressure hose. Instead, gently brush off with a wet brush or cloth.

Questions and Answers

What floor mats would you recommend for a Chevrolet Camaro 2011? Will any 2012 Camaro floor mats work on my 2011 Camaro? I am asking because I see that there are a lot of options for the 2012 model?

FH Group F11313 Monster Eye rank among the best 2011 Camaro floor mats. Lloyd mats are also a good alternative. The bottom line should always be what works best for you. Follow our guide to find out. Lastly, most 2012 Camaro floor mats would work with the 2011 Camaro as they share a similar trim.

I need to change my stock 2013 Camaro floor mats, what are the best aftermarket mats for me?

Lloyd mats provide the best 2013 Camaro floor mats available at the moment they are compatible with most Chevy Camaros from 2010 to 2015.

Is the PlastiColor Weatherpro one of the compatible 2010 chevy Camaro floor mats? If no, what is best for me?

The best 2010 Camaro floor mats are not the PlastiColor Weatherpro. They can be trimmed to fit but are not built specifically for them. Rather, we recommend Lloyds Mats 620003.


The ideal Camaro floor mats should combine high-grade protection of car floors with a clear reflection of the identity of the owner. They should also be able to withstand the pressures of weather without wearing easily. Lastly, they should fit snugly into your Camaro without compromising the safety of the driver. Proper maintenance is needed to ensure these mats last and is kept squeaky clean.

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