Simple Car Maintenance to Prevent Expensive Repairs

If you want your car to last a long time like mine, then stay tuned, I’m going to show you some critical maintenance items to perform on your car so it can last forever. Well maybe not forever, but I’m trying to get a million miles out of my Toyota. And I am on a good way.

”Simple car maintenance is very important if you with to prevent expensive repairs. Doing stuff like changing your engine oil on time, servicing your automatic transmission, changing your coolant regularly and car battery maintenance will save you money in the long run.”

Here is what you need to do and why preventive maintenance is very important:

1. Changing Your Engine Oil Regularly

Now the first critical maintenance is changing your engine oil and filter regularly. Now I use conventional oil in my engine when I change it, so I do it every 3,000 miles or twice a year. Oil is pretty cheap compared to an car engine. And with modern variable valve timing engines it’s even more important to keep the oil clean. If you let the oil get dirty and clog up these variable valve timing cams, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to fix them. Now if you want to go further between oil changes, you can use fully synthetic oil. Then you can go 8,000 miles in between oil changes. Synthetic oils are excellent oils, but realize, they cost three to four times as much as regular oil. So, the choice is yours. But when it comes to what weight oil to use, just use the oil that your engine suggests. In my case it’s 10w30. All owners manuals tell you what kind of oil to use. You don’t have to run to the mechanic store to get engine oil, you can get it on

2. Servicing Your Automatic Transmission

Now the second most important thing is servicing your automatic transmission. Now mine is an older car, it’s a ’94 Celica. It’s a good idea to change the fluid in the transmission every 30,000 miles. Being a Toyota, it really doesn’t have a filter in it, so you don’t have to change the filter. But if your car has a filter, change the filter too. But if you have a later model car, they mostly use fully synthetic fluid. Also, if you check the automatic transmission fluids levels, on the very top of the pin you will see a message that says: No need to change ATF under normal driving conditions. So unless you live in a dusty desert, you can leave these transmissions alone. You can order your automatic transmission fluid on

3. Changing Your Coolant Regularly

Now the next important maintenance item is the coolant in your cooling system. If your coolant is dirty, it can ruin the whole system. An improperly maintained cooling system can cause serious damage. If your cooling system is not working properly, your engine can overheat very easily. It can clog your radiator. And as unbelievable as it may seem, in a modern car, it can burn out electrical sensors on the computer system. With conventional antifreeze, you want to change the coolant out every three years or once every 30,000 miles. But if you’re lazy and frugal like me, use extended-life antifreeze. And in that case, you can go five years or 150,000 miles before changing it. And the extended-life antifreeze only costs $3 more than the regular stuff, so why not use it. You can always order some coolant from

4. Car Battery Maintenance

Now the last important  maintenance item I’m going to talk about today is the battery. Check for corrosion from time to time. Pick up the terminal cover and see if there’s any corrosion under there, and clean it if there is. Brush off all the crud with a metal brush. Then get a can of battery terminal protection spray, and spray it all over to seal it. Do both terminals. And lastly, have a mechanic check your battery once or twice a year. It’s a simple test. It takes less than a minute. And in a modern vehicle it’s very important because everything is run by computers. And proper voltage is very important for computers to operate correctly. A bad battery can cause serious issues to the electrical system and sometimes even burn some of the components. Just make sure to check your battery every 6 months or so, and change it before it goes completely bad. You can have a car battery delivered to your home from

Unexpected Car Issues

Of course, at some point you will have some unexpected car issues. The checkups that I wrote about previously are important and you have to do them, but what you also need to do is listen to your car. If you hear some noises coming up from your brakes, you need to check it out immediately and see what is going on. Also, if you hear some noises coming from the engine that you weren’t hearing before, you need to see what is that about before it becomes a serious issue. If you are a busy person and you don’t have time, it’s better not to drive the car until you take it to the mechanic and see what those noises are about. It could be nothing, or it could be something small that is about to do serious damage.

What Happened To A Friend Of Mine

A friend of mine had some issues with his alternator. Well, at that point he didn’t know what was the problem. He tried to start his car and It didn’t even crank. He thought that his battery is dead and he replaced it (by the way the car battery was perfectly fine). Then he had the same issue again until he finally took the car to the mechanic. The mechanic knew what was the issue right away and asked me friend if he had any signs of a bad alternator and he told him what were the signs. My friend immediately recalled to have noticed some of the signs but he was too busy to take the car to the mechanic. He could have saved his alternator and battery but he ended up changing both.

As you can see, preventive maintenance is not that hard and can save you a lot of money. Have you had any car issues that you want to share with us? Has this article helped you in any way? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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