P0014 Toyota Harrier Code: Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1

OBD-II Trouble Code P0014 in Toyota Harrier indicates Camshaft Position B – Timing over-Advanced or Performance (Bank 1), which means the exhaust camshaft of the first cylinder may be too advanced.

In this article, I will be talking about the P0014 trouble code in Toyota Harrier, its symptoms, causes, and how to fix it.

P0014 Toyota Harrier Trouble Code Definition

P0014 Toyota Harrier Code Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1

P0014 trouble code in Toyota Harrier is defined as Camshaft Position Sensor B Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1).

What Does The P0014 Code Mean In Toyota Harrier?

Toyota Harrier’s generic trouble code P0014 signals excessive camshaft positioning (CMP) which states that the camshaft is over-advancing what the ECU ordered it to.

It can be viewed alongside other codes, such as P0011, or P0012, but not P0013.

The location of the error can be identified by the P0014 trouble codeOpens in a new tab..

Bank 1 is the location in the engine containing the first of the cylinders. Position “B”, or an exhaust camshaft depending on the make/model of your vehicle, could be either at the back or right side.

The P0014 trouble code indicates a camshaft that is excessively advanced. It has either advanced or retarded its timing, exceeding the threshold set by Engine Control Module.

Toyota Harrier P0014 Code Possible Causes

Toyota Harrier generates the P0014 trouble codes when it detects that the exhaust camshaft bank 1 is either over-advancing or ahead of schedule.

A check engine light will go on to alert drivers. The ECU will also store the P0014 code.

The P0014 Code in Toyota Harrier can be caused by:

  • Improper Camshaft Timing
  • Defective Camshaft Timing Control Solenoid
  • Failed variable camshaft tuning or variable valve timing
  • Oil lines of the variable camshaft tune (VCT) and variable valve timing(VVT) solenoid can become clogged.
  • Engine oil low
  • Oil Pressure Low
  • Defective Camshaft Position Sensor
  • A neglected crankshaft position sensor
  • Broken wiring
  • Defective timing chains or timing belts
  • Defective Timing Tensioner

Toyota Harrier P0014 Code Common Symptoms

  • The Check Engine Light flashes to indicate an issue.
  • The problem could be caused by camshaft problems. When you turn the key, listen to clicking sounds that indicate the car is starting and stopping. If it doesn’t resolve, the car might not start at first.
  • Stalling is a similar issue to problems with starting. Your vehicle could experience difficulty idling at low speeds or even stall out completely.
  • P0014 Code Can Cause Significant Decreasing Fuel Economy. The P0014 code could cause abrupt drops in fuel economy. This makes it easier to identify.
  • Vibration and noise from the engine: A bad fuel-air ratio can cause rough riding. You might notice your vehicle shaking more than usual, emitting more smoke, and running louder.
  • Due to engine emissions, vehicles will fail emission testing.

Is It Safe To Drive a Toyota Harrier With a P0014 Code?

It is dangerous to drive a Toyota Harrier with a P0014 trouble code without diagnosing the issue. Neglecting a problem with timing camshafts can cause complete engine failure. Replacement of the engine can be expensive and time-consuming.

Many people worry when their vehicle isn’t starting or doesn’t respond. The cause of the code will determine the extent of the problem.

Major engine damage can result from timing chains that fail. Neglecting to take your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs could cause additional damage and costly repair costs.

How To Diagnose The P0014 Code In a Toyota Harrier

  1. Connect an OBD2 scan tool and search for possible trouble codes. To resolve your P0014 error, you should first diagnose the crankshaft sensor or camshaft sensor.
  2. Check the engine oil level to ensure it is in good condition. If the level is too low, you can add oil or change both the oil-filter combination. Clear away any P0014 error code and try again.
  3. For signs of engine sludge, check your service manual or oil filler cap. Your engine oil could be very old, clogging its oil lines to either the variable valve timing or variable camshaft tune (VCT) engine control valve. In these cases, you may need to change both the oil type and clean both parts.
  4. Test the variable camshaft timing (VVT), (VCT), and valve solenoid with your diagnostic scanner. Do an output test to check if the VCT-valve solenoid moves. Use 12v+ power and ground to experiment with your car’s electrical system.
  5. If possible, remove the variable camshaft tun (VCT), and solenoid control valve and clean oil passages with compressed and suitable cleaning solutions.
  6. Verify the accuracy of the crankshaft positioning sensors and camshaft position sensors.
  7. Manually check the timing of engine camshafts. Refer to your manual for detailed instructions. If your timing belt or chain is worn, you can disassemble it and inspect the damage.

Toyota Harrier P0014 Code: Common Diagnosing Mistakes

One common error in the Toyota P0014 code is assuming that the timing belt or timing chain is defective.

Replacements can be costly, and in some cases, the P0014 codes could be due to other problems. To ensure accurate results, it is vital to do a comprehensive diagnosis prior to beginning repairs.

Toyota P0114 indicates a problem with the VVT or VCT system. These systems regulate camshaft timing. There are other possible causes, such as an error in the camshaft position sensor and low oil levels.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair P0014 Code In Toyota Harrier

It costs $150 to repair the P0014 code in Toyota Harrier. Labor costs $90 while parts cost $60.

What Repairs Can Fix The P0014 Code in Toyota Harrier?

  • You can add or remove oil from your engine and also change the oil filter.
  • Clean oil lines that are associated with variable camshaft timing (VCT) and variable valve timing (VVT).
  • Clean the solenoid for variable camshaft timing (VCT) and variable valve tuning (VVT), or replace it.
  • Repair of the timing belt/chain
  • Change the solenoid for the camshaft timing valve solenoid
  • Set the Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Replace the crankshaft position sensor
  • Fix any damaged wiring

How To Fix The P0014 Code In Toyota Harrier

  • Clearing error codes & performing a road test
  • To ensure maximum performance and extended engine life, change the oil and filter to engine-specific viscosity.
  • Replace the wiring to the bank1 exhaust camshaft oil controller valve.
  • Bank 1 will need to change its exhaust camshaft oil regulator valve.
  • Follow the instructions in the service manual when replacing the timing belt or camshaft phasers.

In Conclusion

Toyota Harrier’s P0014 code is indicative of a timing problem in the camshaft. This could be due to improper camshaft timing. If this happens, you should fix it immediately.

However, it could also be caused by insufficient oil or a malfunctioning sensor at the camshaft position – both of which can usually be fixed for less than $300.

For assistance, call a skilled mechanic immediately if you are not sure if this problem can be resolved by yourself.

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