Four Best Car Waxes For Your Vehicle

During the summer months, especially in July, Florida is hot! Temperatures often hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit and more. We can easily go inside and cool ourselves down with a cold one and the AC. However, your vehicle has to stay outside in the hot sun.

Sun and heat can crack the car paint and make it appear faded. This is why it is important to wax your vehicle, especially if you live in Florida. But, how can you know which are the best car waxes for your vehicle?

I took the liberty to research the internet and find the most durable waxes that can protect your vehicle from the hot sun. Here is a list of the four best car waxes for your vehicle:

P21S 100% Carnauba Wax

I don’t think it’s an overstatement in saying that it’s just a pure joy to work with the P21S 100% Carnauba Wax. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that compared to the brand’s own concourse looks wax which has a lower canoe content. This wax is surprisingly even easier and nicer to work with. It spreads into the panel with extreme ease. It is pretty easy to lay it down with the least amount of friction as your applicator just glides beautifully over the paint and almost entices you to keep on working it in.

Carnauba P21S is one of the best car waxes that will protect your car from the hot Florida sun.

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When it comes to the wipe-off, it’s yet again quite a nice and easy experience with just minimal friction at first as you gather the majority of the excess wax. But, that quickly turns into a no-fuss streak-free and beautiful clear finish. It is an overall fantastically easy and rewarding user experience.

As far as durability goes, people are the world are going to have different results. It is not the same if you live in Australia, Germany, or Alaska. The condition of your vehicle also contributes to the durability of the wax. However, in general, the P21S car wax is going to last for about three-four months which is great for the hot Florida sun.

Pinnacle Souveran Wax

In slight contrast to P21S Carnauba Wax, this wax does have a bit more grip as you lay it down. But, this is just a direct comparison as it’s definitely not what I consider to be overly grippy or resistant. Just an observation when doing side-by-side tests.

Souveran wax also tends to lay down a little thicker and more opaque than most of the other waxes even when you do apply similar amounts. This is again just an observation. You’ll also find that unlike the other three waxes from this list, it really doesn’t tend to haze over as much or takes much longer to do so. You definitely don’t want to allow it to sit too long.

It’s actually the fastest wax to work with as you can lay it down and depending on your environment rather quickly wipe it down. The other waxes from this list do require a little more haze and bonding time by comparison.

Now, directly comparing it to the other three waxes from the list, it does have a slightly grippier and more time-consuming wipe-off. But, in saying, that it’s still rather easy and a pleasant wax to work with compared to the many waxes I’ve used over the last 15 years. 

Swissvax Shield Wax

The first thing you notice with Shield Swisswax is that it has quite an uncommon tropical fruity smell which I actually quite like. It does add to the user experience. Swisswax actually has a chocolate smell and I love chocolate. I’d still say that swisswax smells better whereas both the P21S and Pinnacle waxes have more standard and solvent wax smells that are pretty common.

As far as the application of shield goes, I’d say it’s about the middle of the pack here by being not quite as nice as P21S, but also with a little less friction than both Pinnacle and Schol. But, overall, yet again quite pleasant to lay down with your applicator with no real fuss,

As far as flash or bonding time goes, not being as super quick as Pinnacle but not taking as long as Schol. However, when it comes to the wipe-off, I would have to say that compared to the other three waxes from this list, it is the one that felt a little more grippy similar to Pinnacle Souveran. It also seemed to be the one that took a few extra passes with a cloth to get it perfectly streak-free.

Traditional waxes really aren’t highly hydrophobic forms of paint protection if you compare them to more recent paint sealants and coatings. However, a good wax should still be able to sheet the water in a relatively quick fashion and display at least some improved water big contact angles that will help make washing and drying your vehicle much quicker and easier. Swisswax is able to provide basic water beading properties.

Scholl Concepts S20

I’ll start by saying that out of all the waxes on this list, the Scholl concepts S20 does perhaps have just a touch more grip or friction than the rest as you lay it down. But again, this is just more of an observation rather than a flaw as it’s still relatively nice and easy to lay down without too much fuss.

Just like Pinnacle Souveran wax, S20 also tends to lay down rather thick or at least thicker than the other two waxes when similar amounts are applied. This is just something to note and to adjust your technique accordingly. As far as flash or haste times go, it also seems to be the one that took the longest to get there. So, it’s perhaps not the quickest to work with if you’re working a section at a time.

The wipe-off itself is just pure joy and a pleasure and it would have to take first place on this list in being the nicest wax to level down with such a rewarding wipe-down experience with your cloth.

After letting it cure for 72 hours, the S20 was the one that provided fantastic reflectiveness, and a rich finish. It blew my mind with the ability to mask so much of the haze and dullness in the paint.

Increased slickness of car paint has many benefits; one of which that shouldn’t be disregarded is the pure joy of wiping the paint down with such a beautifully silky feel that’s just enticing and so rewarding to your senses.

But, perhaps, more importantly, that reduced friction on the paint will also help reduce wash-induced swells as it allows your wash mitt to glide over the paint with far less resistance. The increased sleekness can also help prevent contamination such as fallout tar and even bird poo from bonding to the paint strongly and being rinsed or washed off much more easily. 

The Scholl wax is just unquestionably the most hydrophobic wax on this list. However, as far as traditional waxes go, you shouldn’t expect great results as that is not the main purpose of the wax itself.

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