Car Depreciation: Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know

After spending exactly 3 full days studying car depreciation on different models with a different price range from all around the world, I am ready to show you some numbers. To write this article, I analyzed over 300 different car purchases and their depreciation over time. What are my resources? Well, I went and checked the prices of the vehicles when they were brand new, then I compared those numbers to the prices of the used vehicles that dealerships were selling across the USA. I was stunned at how some dealerships have bigger prices than others, even though they are in the same state. So my first tip will be: Check 5 different dealerships before buying a car.

In this article, you will see what is depreciation, and the depreciation percentage of the top 10 SUVs, Trucks, Sedans and Sports Cars have. How much depreciation do vehicles have:

  • The SUVs lose around 30% of the purchase price in the first 3 years.
  • The Trucks lose around 25% of the purchase price in the first 3 years.
  • The Sedans lose around 32% of the purchase price in the first 3 years.
  • The Sports Cars lose around 40% of the purchase price in the first 3 years.

I am not saying that what I’ve put together is perfect, but if you’re a nerd and just want to know if you are making a good financial decision or not, I really hope this helps.

Before I start, I would like to tell you that I will be using percentages in a lot of examples. So, if I say a 20% depreciation on a car that costs $100,000. That means the car is worth $80,000 now.

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Let’s Start Summing Up The Conclusions

Conclusion #1: Buying a brand new car will never make financial sense to me. Ever. This may come as a shock to you, but you can expect to lose around 20% of the total price of the car the minute you drive it off the car salon. Of course, there are a lot of different factors which we will discuss later, but that is the average.

Just to be clear, I don’t think that it’s a stupid decision to buy a new car. It’s just that there are other reasons other than the financial. Many car buyers want to customize their car to their taste, or want that fresh smell on a car and are willing to sacrifice depreciation for that. For some car buyers, they’ve been saving up money for a long period of time to buy their dream car, so its more about the experience than the money. It’s perfectly fine if you have the money to blow.

Conclusion #2: The best deal that you can get is to buy a car that is 5 years old which has seen medium use-don’t be fooled by the ones with fewer miles on it. 3 years is the plateau point at which the depreciation of the first couple years levels off.

I wouldn’t recommend buying a car that has little mileage on it because they could have some problems. Imagine if an older gentleman buys a car and then he runs into some health issues and just keeps the car in storage for 2 years. Not driving your car for 2 years can and will create some serious problems, no matter how old is the car. I had a 96′ Opel that had 200,000+ miles on it and then left it to sit for just 4 months. When I tried to start it, at the first I couldn’t. After trying for 30 minutes I finally did it. But when I went for a ride, that car just didn’t have any power to it. I could barely speed to 50 miles. It seems like the turbine had malfunctioned from sitting for 4 months. You get the point. Do not buy a car that is old 5 years but has only 10,000 miles on it.

Conclusion #3: Car depreciation is tied to the manufacture year and NOT the mileage. Mileage plays a small role when it comes to car depreciation. Why? Because most cars die of failures other than the driving portion. There are Volkswagen and Volvo cars that can run 500,000 miles, but they don’t last that long because of the damage to the body of the car during the years.

Conclusion #4: About 80% of all new car buyers pay significantly more for their cars than they should. Most big car brand manufacturers set the MSRP 30% higher than the realistic purchase price. I failed for this too. When I purchased my 330D BMW, the MSRP was $38,000 and I convinced them to bring it down to $35,000 and I thought I was hot stuff.

I checked after I bought my car and found out that there were dealerships around the country who were selling the same car brand new for $5,000 less. If I knew this, I would drive to the other state and I would purchase the car there, or I would use the intel that I had and tried to bargain even more with the local dealerships. Next time I will triple check before blowing $5,000.

Conclusion #5: Trucks depreciates slower than cars. Trucks manage to keep their price longer than cars. Trucks not older than 9 years have dropped 1-2% during the last year. The typical drop is anywhere from 10 to 15%. Of course, there are other variables like geographics, but this is good news if you are looking at buying a new or used truck in the future.

Why Do Cars Depreciate So Quickly?

There are a couple of factors why cars depreciate so quickly. The first factor is:

The New Model Factor

You bought a brand new Camaro 2018 which is the latest model. Then, 2020 comes out and Chevrolet comes out with a newer model, with new functions, new features, and the whole nine yard. Suddenly, your car isn’t the last model anymore.

Your New Car Became a Used Car

There are two types of people. The ones that buy a brand new car and then the ones who buy used cars. The moment you drive off with your brand new car, it is no longer new, and the price lowers instantly. Here is a simple infographic to demonstrate this phenomenon:

Those are the reason why your new car is worth 15%-20% less than it was a year ago. In another word, the used car buyers let the new buyers take the hit from depreciation for them. That’s why many millionaires buy a used car.

How To Slow Down Car Depreciation

This is the harsh reality. After you buy a car, the price can only go down. It’s not like buying a land or a painting. The only time when the price of your car will go up, instead of down, is if you buy some very rare car or some limited edition. I am talking about the old timers. If you buy a new car, you won’t be around when that car will become an old timer because it will take around 100 years. Knowing that your car will lose value, you ask yourself: ‘Is there anything I can do about it”? Yes, there is. You can actually slow down the depreciation. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a vehicle with good quality. If you plan to use your brand new car for a couple of years and then sell it, you want to choose a good quality car which will keep its value over time. Most of the cars lose 20-30% in the first 3 years, but not all of them(see my lists below). There are cars that lose 5% in the first 3 years(Mazda). This car would be ideal for you to buy if you are going to sell it after 3 years. I would not recommend Peugeot because it will lose 52.3% of its original value in the first 3 years.
  2. Don’t over-personalize or customize your vehicle. I think that people buy brand new cars so they can customize them. With every change you make to the car, you are just narrowing down the potential buyers after you decide to sell your car. Repainting your vehicle, your rims, adding custom seats, and unusual colors may look good to you, but many people will not find it appealing. It would be best if you stick to the original look of the car. If you really want to change something on the car, change the rims. This way, if the new owner doesn’t like them, he can change them.
  3. Take care of your car. This is also very important. I have written articles on how to take care of your engine, your interior, and exterior. Why is this important? Well, a great way to reduce the price of your car is to neglect it. What happens when you park your car outsides? There are birds, and those birds go number 2. When they go number 2 on your car, their ‘content’ has acid. If you leave that acid for days, it will damage your paint over time. So, wash your car every 1-2 weeks. Do it at home. Avoid going to the car was because most of the car washes use rough brushes which will damage your car paint(scratch). Enough for the exterior, let’s move to the interior. I think that you should clean the interior first for your health, and then for the sake of the vehicle price. You are going to spend some time in that car. If it’s dirty, it can spike some health issues like allergies or skin problems. Second, if you spill some coffee or if you like eating in your car and you end up with a ketchup all over your seat, make sure to clean it right away. Fluids=mold. It’s that simple. And the most important – take care of your engine. I think that we all know what is the most expensive part of the car. Make sure you change the oil on time(every 5000 miles). Change the fuel, air and oil filters everytime you change your oil. Make sure you have enough coolant and transmission oil.
  4. Keep the mileage as low as possible. This is hard to do. You bought your car to drive it, not to leave it in the garage and drive around in a taxi. What I mean by this is, whenever you can try to avoid driving your car. If the store is 1 mile away, take a walk. It’s healthier for you and for your car. Also, if you are going to visit some relatives 1000 miles away, catch a plane. The lower the mileage, the higher the price.
  5. Use quality gasoline. Bad gasoline will cause you nothing but trouble. Not only you can damage your fuel pump and fuel line overall, you can damage the engine as well. Dirty fuel will overwhelm your fuel filter and after that debris will flow into the engine. If you have a dirty fuel line, I have an article that can help you with that. See it here.
  6. Keep a service card record. I have a service card in my car. Whenever I change the oil, or any part like brakes, filters etc, the mechanic inputs the date when the part has been changed and then he puts his company stamp. Keeping a record will show the new buyer that you took good care of your car.
  7. Stick to the common colors. This may sound a little bit funny, but tell me which color will sale more: Pink or black? I think that 99% will go for the black. Other common colors are white, grey, and silver. Remember what I said about personalizing the vehicle? This is it. Having gender neutral colors like white and black means that both men and women are potential buyers.
  8. Car Warranty. This is different for each country. I cannot tell you what car manufacturers offer in your country, but in mine, there are two options: Mileage and years. When you buy a brand new car, you can choose a 5-year warranty or 60,000 miles. Not sure what the numbers are in your country, but if you are going to drive that car a lot, choose the yearly warranty.

Now that you know more about depreciation and how to slow it down, I would like to present you with a list that I made. Like I said at the beginning of this article, it took me 3 days to complete this research. I came up with the Top 10 bet SUVs, Sedans, Trucks and Sports Car for you. I also calculated the depreciation for the next 10 years on each of the vehicles. Here is my list:

Top 10 Best SUVs And Their Depreciation Percentages

I did a research about which are the best 10 SUVs and then I researched their depreciation for a period of 10 years. For each year I added 10,000 miles.

The winner in this category, the SUV that holds it’s price is Mazda CX-9. In the first 3 years and 30,000 miles, you will lose only 2.51% of the total price.

The SUV that has the highest depreciation is the Peugeot 5008 GT. In the first 3 years and 30,000 miles, you will lose 52.3% of the total price.

After 10 years and 100,000 miles, the Peugeot 5008 GT will lose 80,72% of its total price. In second place is BMW X6M with total 75.63% depreciation. This broke my heart, I BMW X6M is my crush!

Land Rover Discovery Brand New $67,490
110,000 miles5.33%$63,891
220,000 miles10.73%$60,251
330,000 miles16.18%$56,567
440,000 miles24.49%$50,961
550,000 miles32.99%$45,228
660,000 miles41.7%$39,346
770,000 miles48.06%$35,053
880,000 miles54.58%$30,651
990,000 miles61.3%$26,119
10100,000 miles66.12%$22,867


Volvo XC90 Brand New $104,900
110,000 miles7.61%$96,916
220,000 miles15.35%$88,798
330,000 miles23.23%$80,529
440,000 miles30.84%$72,548
550,000 miles38.62%$64,387
660,000 miles46.6%$56,013
770,000 miles52.43%$49,901
880,000 miles58.4%$43,635
990,000 miles64.55%$37,182
10100,000 miles68.97%$32,553


Skoda Kodiaq Brand New $48,990
110,000 miles7.9%$45,121
220,000 miles15.93%$41,185
330,000 miles24.13%$37,171
440,000 miles31.64%$33,487
550,000 miles39.33%$29,720
660,000 miles47.22%$25,855
770,000 miles52.98%$23,034
880,000 miles58.89%$20,141
990,000 miles64.97%$17,163
10100,000 miles69.33%$15,026


Peugeot 5008 GT Brand New $54,490
110,000 miles16.64%$45,421
220,000 miles33.98%$35,972
330,000 miles52.3%$25,989
440,000 miles57.03%$23,414
550,000 miles61.86%$20,780
660,000 miles66.82%$18,077
770,000 miles70.44%$16,105
880,000 miles74.16%$14,082
990,000 miles77.98%$12,000
10100,000 miles80.72%$10,506


BMW X6M Brand New $105,100
110,000 miles12.82%$91,631
220,000 miles26.02%$77,753
330,000 miles39.72%$63,357
440,000 miles45.69%$57,078
550,000 miles51.8%$50,657
660,000 miles58.07%$44,069
770,000 miles62.65%$39,260
880,000 miles67.34%$34,330
990,000 miles72.17%$29,253
10100,000 miles75.63%$25,611


Porche Cayenne Brand New $150,600
110,000 miles7.33%$139,568
220,000 miles14.77%$128,359
330,000 miles22.34%$116,951
440,000 miles30.04%$105,360
550,000 miles37.91%$93,508
660,000 miles45.98%$81,347
770,000 miles51.88%$72,470
880,000 miles57.92%$63,370
990,000 miles64.14%$53,999
10100,000 miles68.61%$47,276


Honda CR-V Brand New $34,150
110,000 miles5.9%$32,135
220,000 miles11.88%$30,095
330,000 miles17.93%$28,026
440,000 miles26.07%$25,249
550,000 miles34.38%$22,408
660,000 miles42.92%$19,494
770,000 miles49.15%$17,367
880,000 miles55.53%$15,186
990,000 miles62.11%$12,940
10100,000 miles66.82%$11,329


Mazda CX-9 Brand New $44,315
110,000 miles0.83%$43,945
220,000 miles1.67%$43,575
330,000 miles2.51%$43,203
440,000 miles12.17%$38,922
550,000 miles22.05%$34,543
660,000 miles32.19%$30,051
770,000 miles39.59%$26,772
880,000 miles47.17%$23,410
990,000 miles54.99%$19,948
10100,000 miles60.59%$17,465


Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 Brand New $57,245
110,000 miles13.69%$49,406
220,000 miles27.84%$41,309
330,000 miles42.56%$32,879
440,000 miles48.26%$29,621
550,000 miles54.08%$26,289
660,000 miles60.05%$22,870
770,000 miles64.41%$20,374
880,000 miles68.88%$17,816
990,000 miles73.48%$15,181
10100,000 miles76.78%$13,291


Audi Q7 Quattro Brand New $53,900
110,000 miles10.2%$48,402
220,000 miles20.64%$42,777
330,000 miles31.36%$36,999
440,000 miles38.16%$33,332
550,000 miles45.12%$29,582
660,000 miles52.25%$25,735
770,000 miles57.46%$22,927
880,000 miles62.81%$20,048
990,000 miles68.31%$17,083
10100,000 miles72.25%$14,956


Top 10 Best Sedans And Their Depreciation Percentages

Same like with the truck, below you will see a depreciation for each year. Also, there are 10,000 miles added each year.

The best sedan that holds his price over the years is Toyota Camry. After 3 years and 30,000 miles, there is a 22.34% of depreciation. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, there is a 68.61% of depreciation.

The sedan that has the highest percentage of depreciation is Cadillac CTS. After 3 years and 30,000 miles, it will lose 84.07% of the purchase price. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, it will lose 93.56% of the purchase price. This is probably the worst case out there.

Ford Fusion Brand New $23,090
110,000 miles9.91%$20,802
220,000 miles20.04%$18,462
330,000 miles30.44%$16,061
440,000 miles37.34%$14,469
550,000 miles44.39%$12,841
660,000 miles51.62%$11,171
770,000 miles56.9%$9,952
880,000 miles62.31%$8,702
990,000 miles67.88%$7,416
10100,000 miles71.88%$6,492


Honda Accord Brand New $24,460
110,000 miles9.91%$22,036
220,000 miles20.04%$19,557
330,000 miles30.44%$17,014
440,000 miles37.34%$15,327
550,000 miles44.39%$13,603
660,000 miles51.62%$11,834
770,000 miles56.9%$10,543
880,000 miles62.31%$9,219
990,000 miles67.88%$7,856
10100,000 miles71.88%$6,878


Hyundai Sonata Brand New $22,935
110,000 miles10.2%$20,596
220,000 miles20.64%$18,202
330,000 miles31.36%$15,743
440,000 miles38.16%$14,183
550,000 miles45.12%$12,588
660,000 miles52.25%$10,950
770,000 miles57.46%$9,756
880,000 miles62.81%$8,531
990,000 miles68.31%$7,269
10100,000 miles72.25%$6,364


Mazda 6 Brand New $23,890
110,000 miles9.05%$21,729
220,000 miles18.28%$19,524
330,000 miles27.72%$17,268
440,000 miles34.88%$15,557
550,000 miles42.21%$13,807
660,000 miles49.72%$12,011
770,000 miles55.21%$10,700
880,000 miles60.83%$9,357
990,000 miles66.63%$7,973
10100,000 miles70.78%$6,980


Toyota Camry Brad New $24,390
110,000 miles7.33%$22,603
220,000 miles14.77%$20,788
330,000 miles22.34%$18,940
440,000 miles30.04%$17,063
550,000 miles37.91%$15,144
660,000 miles45.98%$13,174
770,000 miles51.88%$11,737
880,000 miles57.92%$10,263
990,000 miles64.14%$8,745
10100,000 miles68.61%$7,656


Audi A6 Brand New $50,675
110,000 miles15.16%$42,991
220,000 miles30.89%$35,020
330,000 miles47.38%$26,664
440,000 miles52.6%$24,021
550,000 miles57.93%$21,319
660,000 miles63.4%$18,546
770,000 miles67.4%$16,523
880,000 miles71.49%$14,448
990,000 miles75.71%$12,311
10100,000 miles78.73%$10,779


BMW 5 Series Brand New $53,645
110,000 miles13.4%$46,457
220,000 miles27.23%$39,037
330,000 miles41.61%$31,322
440,000 miles47.4%$28,218
550,000 miles53.32%$25,044
660,000 miles59.39%$21,787
770,000 miles63.82%$19,409
880,000 miles68.36%$16,972
990,000 miles73.04%$14,462
10100,000 miles76.4%$12,662


Cadillac CTS Brand New $48,485
110,000 miles25.41%$36,166
220,000 miles52.73%$22,917
330,000 miles84.07%$7,726
440,000 miles85.64%$6,960
550,000 miles87.26%$6,177
660,000 miles88.92%$5,374
770,000 miles90.13%$4,787
880,000 miles91.37%$4,186
990,000 miles92.64%$3,567
10100,000 miles93.56%$3,123


Lexus GS 300 Brand New $48,300
110,000 miles10.49%$43,234
220,000 miles21.23%$38,046
330,000 miles32.27%$32,712
440,000 miles38.99%$29,470
550,000 miles45.85%$26,155
660,000 miles52.89%$22,753
770,000 miles58.03%$20,270
880,000 miles63.3%$17,725
990,000 miles68.73%$15,104
10100,000 miles72.62%$13,223


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Brand New $53,935
110,000 miles15.75%$45,438
220,000 miles32.13%$36,608
330,000 miles49.34%$27,324
440,000 miles54.36%$24,616
550,000 miles59.49%$21,847
660,000 miles64.76%$19,006
770,000 miles68.61%$16,932
880,000 miles72.55%$14,806
990,000 miles76.61%$12,616
10100,000 miles79.52%$11,046


Top 10 Best Trucks And Their Depreciation Percentages

Same story as before. I chose the best 10 trucks and calculated the depreciation for the next 10 years. I added 10,000 miles per year. Here are the results:

The best truck that will keep its value over the years is Toyota Tacoma. After 3 years and 30,000 miles, Toyota Tacoma will lose only 22.34% of its purchase price. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, it will lose 68.61%.

The truck with the worst depreciation rate is Chevrolet Colorado. After 3 years and 30,00 miles, it will lose 44.48% of its purchase price. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, it will lose a total of 77.56%, which puts Chevrolet Colorado in the last place.

Ford F-150 Brand New $29,100
110,000 miles13.99%$25,030
220,000 miles28.45%$20,822
330,000 miles43.52%$16,436
440,000 miles49.12%$14,807
550,000 miles54.84%$13,141
660,000 miles60.71%$11,432
770,000 miles65%$10,185
880,000 miles69.4%$8,906
990,000 miles73.92%$7,589
10100,000 miles77.17%$6,644


Isuzu D-MAX Brand New $58990
110,000 miles12.52%$51,603
220,000 miles25.42%$43,997
330,000 miles38.78%$36,116
440,000 miles44.84%$32,537
550,000 miles51.05%$28,877
660,000 miles57.41%$25,121
770,000 miles62.06%$22,380
880,000 miles66.83%$19,570
990,000 miles71.73%$16,676
10100,000 miles75.25%$14,600


Honda Ridgeline Brand New $34,100
110,000 miles13.99%$29,331
220,000 miles28.45%$24,400
330,000 miles43.52%$19,260
440,000 miles49.12%$17,351
550,000 miles54.84%$15,399
660,000 miles60.71%$13,396
770,000 miles65%$11,934
880,000 miles69.4%$10,436
990,000 miles73.92%$8,893
10100,000 miles77.17%$7,785


Toyota Tacoma Brand New $26,195
110,000 miles7.33%$24,276
220,000 miles14.77%$22,327
330,000 miles22.34%$20,342
440,000 miles30.04%$18,326
550,000 miles37.91%$16,265
660,000 miles45.98%$14,149
770,000 miles51.88%$12,605
880,000 miles57.92%$11,022
990,000 miles64.14%$9,392
10100,000 miles68.61%$8,223


Dodge RAM 1500 Brand New $28,490
110,000 miles9.91%$25,666
220,000 miles20.04%$22,779
330,000 miles30.44%$19,817
440,000 miles37.34%$17,853
550,000 miles44.39%$15,844
660,000 miles51.62%$13,784
770,000 miles56.9%$12,280
880,000 miles62.31%$10,738
990,000 miles67.88%$9,150
10100,000 miles71.88%$8,011


Chevrolet Colorado Brand New $21,195
110,000 miles14.28%$18,168
220,000 miles29.06%$15,037
330,000 miles44.48%$11,767
440,000 miles49.98%$10,601
550,000 miles55.61%$9,409
660,000 miles61.38%$8,185
770,000 miles65.6%$7,292
880,000 miles69.92%$6,376
990,000 miles74.37%$5,433
10100,000 miles77.56%$4,757


Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Brand New $29,695
110,000 miles10.2%$26,666
220,000 miles20.64%$23,567
330,000 miles31.36%$20,384
440,000 miles38.16%$18,363
550,000 miles45.12%$16,298
660,000 miles52.25%$14,178
770,000 miles57.46%$12,631
880,000 miles62.81%$11,045
990,000 miles68.31%$9,412
10100,000 miles72.25%$8,240


Nissan Titan Brand New $33,335
110,000 miles10.78%$29,742
220,000 miles21.82%$26,060
330,000 miles33.19%$22,270
440,000 miles39.81%$20,063
550,000 miles46.58%$17,806
660,000 miles53.53%$15,490
770,000 miles58.6%$13,800
880,000 miles63.8%$12,067
990,000 miles69.15%$10,283
10100,000 miles72.99%$9,002


Land Rover Discovery Brand New $67,490
110,000 miles13.69%$32,715
220,000 miles27.84%$27,353
330,000 miles42.56%$21,771
440,000 miles48.26%$19,613
550,000 miles54.08%$17,407
660,000 miles60.05%$15,143
770,000 miles64.41%$13,491
880,000 miles68.88%$11,797
990,000 miles73.48%$10,052
10100,000 miles76.78%$8,801


Ford F-250 Super Duty Brand New $43,275
110,000 miles8.47%$39,609
220,000 miles17.1%$35,874
330,000 miles25.92%$32,059
440,000 miles33.26%$28,882
550,000 miles40.77%$25,633
660,000 miles48.47%$22,299
770,000 miles54.09%$19,866
880,000 miles59.86%$17,371
990,000 miles65.79%$10,052
10100,000 miles70.05%$12,960

Top 10 Best Sports Cars And Their Depreciation Percentages

The following car depreciation for new sports car will be calculated in percentages. For every year there is an average of 10,000 miles added. I took one sports car from each brand and calculated the depreciation for 10 years. This will give you an overview of how each brand sports car depreciates over the years.

The best sports car that holds its price is Lamborghini Gallardo. In the first 3 years and 30,000 miles, there is only a 14.45% of depreciation. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, there is a 65.42% of depreciation.

The sports car that has the highest depreciation is Porche 911. After 3 years and 30,000 miles, you will lose 42.56% of the total price. After 10 years and 100,000 miles, you will lose 76,78% of the total price of purchase.

Porche 911 Brand New – $128,650
110,000 miles13,69%$111,034
220,000 miles27.84%$92,837
330,000 miles42.56%$73,891
440,000 miles48.26%$66,568
550,000 miles54.08%$59,080
660,000 miles60.05%$51,396
770,000 miles64.41%$45,788
880,000 miles68.88%$40,038
990,000 miles73.48%$34,117
10100,000 miles76.78%$29,870


Lamborghini Gallardo Brand New $321,632
110,000 miles4.77%$306,304
220,000 miles9.58%$290,821
330,000 miles14.45%$275,171
440,000 miles22.92%$247,900
550,000 miles31.59%$220,013
660,000 miles40.49%$191,399
770,000 miles46.98%$170,514
880,000 miles53.64%$149,102
990,000 miles60.5%$127,053
10100,000 miles65.42%$111,235


Ferrari 458 Brand New $262,344
110,000 miles8.18%$240,874
220,000 miles16.52%$219,013
330,000 miles25.02%$196,707
440,000 miles32.45%$177,212
550,000 miles40.05%$157,277
660,000 miles47.85%$136,822
770,000 miles53.54%$121,892
880,000 miles59.37%$106,586
990,000 miles65.38%$90,824
10100,000 miles69.69%$79,517


Mercedes AMG GT Brand New $157,000
110,000 miles9.62%$141,894
220,000 miles19.45%$126,458
330,000 miles29.53%$110,634
440,000 miles36.52%$99,669
550,000 miles43.66%$88,458
660,000 miles50.99%$76,953
770,000 miles56.33%$68,556
880,000 miles61.82%$59,947
990,000 miles67.46%$51,083
10100,000 miles71.51%$44,723


Bugatti Chiron Brand New $2,290,388
110,000 miles13.4%$2,596,267
220,000 miles27.23%$2,181,633
330,000 miles41.61%$1,750,472
440,000 miles47.4%$1,576,991
550,000 miles53.32%$1,399,595
660,000 miles59.39%$1,217,569
770,000 miles63.82%$1,084,707
880,000 miles68.36%$948,496
990,000 miles73.04%$808,238
10100,000 miles76.4%$707,612


Audi R8 V10 Brand New $164,900
110,000 miles6.18%$154,702
220,000 miles12.45%$144,367
330,000 miles18.81%$133,883
440,000 miles26.86%$120,614
550,000 miles35.08%$107,046
660,000 miles43.53%$93,124
770,000 miles49.69%$82,962
880,000 miles56.01%$72,544
990,000 miles62.51%$61,817
10100,000 miles67.18%$54,121


BMW i8 Brand New $299,000
110,000 miles11.94%$263,299
220,000 miles24.21%$226,599
330,000 miles36.9%$188,662
440,000 miles43.16%$169,965
550,000 miles49.55%$150,845
660,000 miles56.11%$131,227
770,000 miles60.9%$116,907
880,000 miles65.81%$102,227
990,000 miles70.87%$87,110
10100,000 miles74.49%$76,265


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Brand New $89,535
110,000 miles9.05%$81,436
220,000 miles18.28%$73,172
330,000 miles27.72%$64,717
440,000 miles34.88%$58,303
550,000 miles42.21%$51,744
660,000 miles49.72%$45,015
770,000 miles55.21%$40,103
880,000 miles60.83%$35,067
990,000 miles66.63%$29,881
10100,000 miles70.78%$26,161


Lexus RC F Brand New $64,650
110,000 miles11.94%$56,931
220,000 miles24.21%$48,995
330,000 miles36.9%$40,793
440,000 miles43.16%$36,750
550,000 miles49.55%$32,616
660,000 miles56.11%$28,374
770,000 miles60.9%$25,278
880,000 miles65.81%$22,104
990,000 miles70.87%$18,835
10100,000 miles74.49%$16,490


Maserati GranTurismo Brand New $136,475
110,000 miles10.49%$122,160
220,000 miles21.23%$107,501
330,000 miles32.27%$92,429
440,000 miles38.99%$83,269
550,000 miles45.85%$73,902
660,000 miles52.89%$64,291
770,000 miles58.03%$57,275
880,000 miles63.3%$50,083
990,000 miles68.73%$42,677
10100,000 miles72.62%$37,364

Should You Buy A New Or Used Car

After carefully reading this article, I think we can both agree that buying a used car is the best financial choice. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a lot of cash, and you really want to customize your brand new vehicle, you can go ahead and buy a new car. But if you just like the model, and you are not interested in customizing that vehicle, buying a 1 to a 3-year-old car can bring down the price for around 30% in almost all vehicles. I have never bought a new car. It’s not that I cannot spend $30,000 on a car, it’s just that with a $30,000 I can buy a much better-used car. Of course, the car will be used, but it will be only used for a one, two, or three years. I have an article on what to look when buying a used car, how to check the motor, the interior, and exterior. You can see it here. 

Also, if you choose to buy a used car, make sure you check it with the OBD Scanner. This little scanner will save you a lot of money. Even if the car is only 1-3 years old, it can have some serious engine problems. Maybe the car was not properly taken care of, maybe the owner didn’t break in the engine properly. You can grab the OBD Scanner here.

Tell me what you think in the comments. Have you ever bought a new car or a used car? Will you look at things differently after reading this article?

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