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Hello everyone.

My name is Igor Iwanowski. I am the owner and content creator of www.carcarehacks.com. I am a certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanic and a car detailer for 10 years. Over the years, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about cars, how they work, and how to repair them.

My Mission

I have only one goal, but it is a noble one. Many people just don’t have enough money to maintain their cars because some repairs can be quite expensive. However, I will provide a step by step guides on how to fix the most common problems that cars have these days.

I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and a 2005 VW Touran in my backyard. The reason why I am better than others is that I have two actual cars that I recreate and photo document the fixing process. By following my articles, you will be able to fix your vehicles without spending a lot of money in the repair shops.

My Story

I graduated from Economic School. But, my heart was in fixing cars. Even before I graduated, I used to go to the local repair shop and just watch them fix things. I guess there is something in ‘fixing’ that really completes my soul.

How Long Can You Drive With Bad Lif...
How Long Can You Drive With Bad Lifters?

Right after graduation, I went into the same repair shop where I used to hang out and asked for a job. They accepted me and boy oh boy, was I happy. I picked up things very fast and after two years of hard work, I was trusted to fix vehicles on my own, without having a senior mechanic around me. Soon enough, there were people coming to the shop and specifically asking for me to fix their cars.

How You Will Benefit From My Website

By following my website and reading my articles, you will be able to save money by fixing your own vehicle instead of going to the repair shop. Let’s stop here for a second and be honest with ourselves: Some repairs will require a professional mechanic, but even in those cases, you will be able to diagnose the issue yourself and not be lied to and tricked into replacing some parts that shouldn’t be replaced in the first place.

My articles will include repair tips, maintenance tips, cool car care hacks, buyers’ guides, product reviews, and more. I will try to make my articles easy to understand and easy to follow.

My Credentials

In March 2018, I got my ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. This is something that we mechanics hold very dear. The ASE certification is very precious and hard to get. But, with my knowledge and perseverance, I got this certification.

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